Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Let me explain - so Taryn is attached, like seriously LOVES this...animal...she stumbled upon it herself at Old Navy when my sister and I were shopping. All of the sudden I noticed she was holding this stuffed animal in her stroller and I was like where did you get that??? Then I realized she had picked it up from a basket of toys that was the exact same height as she was in the stroller, WOW she's starting this now? I'm in trouble for the future when we go shopping! Anyway, so then as we tried on clothes and walked around some more she had totally soaked the price tag with slobber and as the lady rang us up she thought it was the most disgusting thing! What the heck lady, she's a little baby...c'mon...seriously! I said sorry for the slobber mess, and she replied with a smug, "well I'm not touching that, you can try to ring it up yourself!" Amy and I looked at each other like is she for real??? The bar code was destroyed so then she picked it up with her fingertips like it was the nastiest poopy diaper and found the numbers on the tag to type in...$.99 cents - then she tossed it over by our bags and that was that! Fast forward a month later and this thing has been slobbered on WAY more than imagined! We could not figure out if it was a kitty or a monkey or some creature we've missed on the discovery channel, so this past Sunday we decided to name it "Monkitty" - half monkey, half kitty! Taryn adores this little thing, she sleeps with it, cuddles it in her car seat, and twists it's fur between her little bitty fingers. Dang I should have gone back and bought 10 more!

Snoozing with monkitty

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