Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Do you ever feel like your mind is going a million miles a minute? That is me this morning...I'm trying to figure out what we are going to do for Taryn's big first birthday and I don't want to go crazy overboard since she won't even remember a thing...but at the same time it's the FIRST one so I want it to be special! So thoughts of invitations, decoration, cake, presents, and everything else are filling my mind.

I'm also reading Twilight again, Ah love it!

(which by the way you can go onto Stephanie Meyers website and read the first chapter of Midnight Sun which is Twilight from Edwards point of great!) Here's the link, So now I am also filled with thoughts of Edward and Bella. Can't wait for the movie this December!!!

Random note - I was just thinking how very clever I was with my post title this time last year for a baby shower my friends gave me - April Showers bring May Babies!... I feel so proud for coming up with that...but I am so glad that time is over, the whole being 16 months pregnant! Well, that's what it felt like. Sorry Shaundee, Natalie, and Kim :( Your cute spring babies will be here soon! :) Speaking of spring babies, here's one that I think is pretty darn cute...and funny!

Here's how she feels about her aunt Amy...


Siggy said...

She is darling! I love how she still has no hair! I was totally like that. I would trade you any day to be stressed out about a bday party rather than finals! Love you guys!

Shaundee said...

I love being 18 months pregnant!! It is the best! I can't believe how big Taryn is getting. She is so darling.