Friday, April 4, 2008

My Oly buddies

The mommies - plus one to be

My friend Natalie came into town with her little 2 month old baby boy Lincoln. So of course we rounded up the gang and had dinner at Macaroni grill. Let me tell you, this baby is so dang CUTE! And I can't get over all of his hair...seriously Taryn won't have that much until she's 5. I can't belive so many of us are becoming mommies...It seems like just the other day we were hanging out at Tiare's house eating kettle corn and flirting with boys! Life goes by way too fast and we need to get together more often!

Little Lincoln...I love him!

Merdith, Me, and Tarbug
Heather, her little girl Finnley, and Allison
Natalie, Lincoln, and Tiare
Lisa and Meredith
Thanks for the fun dinner - lets all get together again soon!!!


Todd and Jenn said...

Shawna, It was so fun to see you last week! You'll have to let me know where you do hair cause yours always looks so cute.
Jenn Lofgren

Melanie said...

Hey Shawna it's Melanie from back in the good 'ole Cordia days. Your Little Taryn is so darn cute. I'm sure you hear that about a thousand times a day, and even more when you go out in public. I think the last time we checked in with each other you were about to pop with her. So, what, a year ago? Anyway, you're family looks lovely and you look super happy. Come stop by my family blog sometime: