Saturday, April 26, 2008

Baby goes down

Well I feel like a bad mommy - Yesterday we were outside watching Robbie mow our lawn for the first time and I had Taryn in the stroller....I rarely ever buckle her in because first of all she's still too small to climb out(unless she's throwing a fit and slides down the bottom) and second it's kinda pointless when the straps just fall to the sides because she's so petite. So as I'm watching and thinking to myself mmm, I love the smell of fresh cut grass I hear a little cry in the background and I turned around to find Taryn face down on the CEMENT! OH MY GOSH, I think my heart stopped...I screamed and picked her up not knowing what kind of a mess I'd find, luckily there was none. I checked every inch of her little body and all that remained from this incident was a little goose egg on her fore head. I still have no idea how she managed to get out, she was sitting so still and watching the lawn mower in amazement. At first she was just whimpering...but then she realized what just happened and the wailing began. I think it scared her more than hurt...I felt so bad! It was the first accident with the first child and I'm just so relieved she's A-Ok!

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Lindsey said...

Caylin fell out of her crib at seven months and that was very traumatic! Isn't it awful, but it's also inevitable! I can't wait to get these two together at the pool and watch them play!