Friday, January 9, 2009

Blah to January

Is it just me or is January a depressing month? It's like as soon as New Years is over...reality hits. The decorations come down (which I'll admit is refreshing) but there is absolutely NOTHING to do! I think it should be mandatory for everyone to take a vacation during this grey boring month. It's no wonder everyone gets sick this time of year, we can't just go outside and get some fresh's FREEZING! I'm more than ready for spring to arrive bringing blue sunny skies, flowers to add some color, and to have a reason to shave my legs. ;)

Oh how I miss you right now precious tulips!

I'm almost willing to go back to THIS
so I can have THIS.

But for now...I'll enjoy



ericksonslc said...

Blah to winter always!! You hit in on the head. I hate the grey skies and not seeing the green grass. But looking at that darling daughter of yours helps the ugly weather outside!

Brett and Lisa said...

agreed. I don't know why January was created.. maybe you should have a baby to make things exciting again... just a thought.

Brett and Lisa said...

oh and P.S. we are stealing your daughter from you and claiming her as ours... after all, she looks just like me.

Jeanette said...

i totlly agree, I need sunshine to be happy. january is hard on me.
But your Taryn is so dang cute! I wish I saw ya more!

Lindsey said...

Couldn't agree more. I want to be able to go for walks and go to the park and things like that, although I did get Caylin all dressed up in her snow suit and we ventured to the park the other day. She loved having the playground to herself!