Friday, January 2, 2009

Haaaaaaaaappy New Year!

We partied it up at the Schrader's place
New Years Eve

... with the kids in tow.

Fun times I tell ya.

A few of the kiddos

Just chugging some Fresca in a baby bottle

Rockin' out

The girl band was WAY cooler than the boys.

New Year Kisses


Check out those moves

And here's a better view of those sweet moves...

There's nothing better than dancing on New Year's Eve in pajama's at 10:30 on a homemade kitchen dance floor.

We had the lights
the music
the speakers
All that was missing was the fog machine

There's always next year!


Carrie Ross said...

Super fun stuff! Taryn is a doll!

Brooklyn said...

so i love your hair! super cute:)