Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"Oh Butter"

leave butter out if you have a dog....
it only leads to BAD news!
So you all saw how Lexi ate an entire stick of butter the other day?
Well, it was NOT pretty coming out! I left the house for a couple hours yesterday to go to Discovery Gateway with my sister-in-law. (soon to be posted) When I came home, I found a NOT so pleasant surprise! Luckily I had put her in the back room where she likes to sleep so it wasn't ALL over the house...but it definitely was ALL over that room!
I am NOT good with cleaning up these sort of messes, that is Robbie's job. When it comes to throw-up, major blow-outs, or even a leftover in the fridge that has become unidentifiable...Robbie is the man to take care of it.
One of the reasons I married him.
So any of you out there with dog's... learn from my mistake. NEVER let your dog have butter!

On a side note: Who else thought the black dude on American Idol last night was so funny! I felt so bad for him when Simon gave him attitude. Like he has any control over how low his voice is!
He was my fav.


The Mcclellan Family said...

Cedar ate my bright red lipstick once and it came out the other end "coloring" our living room to put it mildly. If you can survive puppy poop surprises, you can survive anything your kid throws at you! Unfortunately, I'm poop/throw-up police in our housed and Adam at 6'4'' and 225 lbs is just too dainty to clean up any type of human/dog waste. So funny! Family trait perhaps?

Scott and Natalie said...

Heh heh ya You are going to learn there are a lot of things that you don't let that doggy eat! I can't tell you how many times I've had to clean up Rocky's barf. Everytime I hear him start to hurl, I Run over to him to keep him in one place. Otherwise he will walk all around the house hurling here and there...Fun. He doesn't eat our food though. He eats random weird things outside...I don't know.

Carrie Ross said...

Shawna I have to tell you that when you texted me that I was dying of laughter in the car...and then I realized that Wrig's was asleep from his big exciting day. It didn't even bother him! Anyway...I love your guts and I LOVE that you make Rob clean up the "yuckies" :)