Friday, April 3, 2009

Objects in Mirror are closer than they Appear.

So I got me some new cheapo sunglasses this week at the big and glamorous Forever 21 store at Southe Towne. They make me happy...mostly because they make the sky look brighter than it really is and fool my eyes into thinking it's warm and sunny. If you see me around town I'll most likely be sporting them.

This weather...hmmm what can I even say that hasn't already been said?
I guess I'm just going to put it harshly...

It's time to

Winter is having a hard time this year detaching itself. Thoughts of spring and the oh so faraway summer seem hopeless. And to help this hopelessness I've taken up the sport of tanning. Yes I know it is naughty, but a girl needs to feel some rays! I'm using my trip to Cali next month as an excuse...ya know just getting prepped for that sunshine my body hasn't been exposed to in um well awhile.

Let me tell ya, it feels goooood.
I may just become an addict, again.

We'll see, it depends on this crazy mad women named Mother Nature.
I think she's PMSing real real bad.


Abe and Lisa Johnson said...

I agree.. a girl needs a good tan! And i too believe it is time!! I also heard on the news this morning that the state's precipitation from the winter crap (snow) is now at 110 percent so that means mother nature should be nothing but blue sunny skies from now on!

Oh and we need to get together for dinner again. This weekend??


Magdalena said...

Hey there!!! Thanks for entering my very first giveaway, I actually feel like someone checks that blog once in a while! I want a full report of CA when you get back, I miss that place so much. Living there ruined me I swear, now I think that the beach should be just as accessable everywhere I go. Taryn will love it.