Monday, April 13, 2009


Saturday night we headed down to Orem to join the Wilson clan for a Utah Flash game. Since Jordan (my brother-in-law) practices with the team he scored us some sweet court side seats. Taryn had a BLAST watching the ball fly around and all those tall players that looked like daddy! Every time music would start she'd dance her little tooshy around and around. She also loved being with her cousins, she gobbles up the attention they give her!

The "FOX"
Taryn called him "box, " and as soon as we got him close by us she totally freaked out.
Typical little kid.

The dance off...Taryn loves the cheerleaders, but got a little shy dancing out on the court.

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Carrie Ross said...

That was a really fun night...especailly the kiddies being totally freaked out by the FOX! I loved it, he only had to look at them and they started to scream! HAHA! So funny! :)