Thursday, April 16, 2009

A little obsessed

Getting ready for school was always so exciting for me. The new notebooks, folders, pens, and of course the backpack to organize all that good stuff into.

Love it!

So when I was pregnant with Taryn I could hardly wait to get the perfect diaper bag to fill with baby essentials. I began my quest to find the best one out there for the best price.

- must be durable/washable/stylish
- nothing cheesy
- no winnie the pooh
- something that didn't scream "I'm a mommy who get's to drag around this huge bag every time I leave the house!"

What I found was this...

JJ Cole system diaper bag
*Imagine the colors as spring green and bright pink instead of baby blue and orange.

When this arrived at my doorstep my heart fluttered with joy! Next step was baby showers to get the rest of my much needed items. This bag fulfilled it's job well with high expectations. I used it so much that one zipper broke and the strap started to tear. Well JJ Cole got a phone call from me and they sent me a brand new bag free Free FREE! wahooo!

Fast forward to today and I stumbled upon this...

You should see all the bells and whistles this thing has... they even have a VIDEO to show you! Now, this is not another "announcement" for those of you thinking too fast. But I guarantee next time around I'll be sporting the Ju-Ju-Be.

Yes the Ju-Ju-Be is just right for ME!

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Magdalena said...

Dude! This is so funny! I just got a few headband orders in this week and decided to splurge on something, oh yeah a petunia pickle bottom bag. Great minds think alike! I looked at a bunch of juju's though, good eye Shawna I love what you got!