Tuesday, August 4, 2009

well look who's back...

yeah yeah yeah, I know I've been a slacker. But, c'mon...it's summer time and I of course should be spending my time out and about frolicking rather than a staring into the computer screen.


So ya, that's my excuse.

As well as my camera not really up and working up to its full potential. What's a blog without pictures? HUH!!

Luckily I've got my iphone.
Love that thing.

Ok - so here's a rundown.

We cheered Amy on at her last day of cheer camp.
O . . LY. . MPUS!
Did ya get that cheer? Maybe if you're a titan...

Taryn is most definitely a future cheerleader. She's got the cheesiness to fit the part.
She even wore the school colors!


We have had some yummy cookouts up Millcreek Canyon. I love being less than 10 minutes away from these spots.

1st was with my family for Sunday foil dinners.

wouldn't be a cox family night without our freakish talents!

*pictures by Lisa and her amazing camera

2nd was with friends who we see not nearly enough.

*pictures by Lisa Johnson...thanks for documenting :)

Sometimes Utah, I take you for granted. I will try to do better.


And for the last event I'll be presenting tonight...
Our Zoo Evening.

We went for Robbie's work party and everything was F.R.E.E.
me likey that word.

They even shut it down to the public for the evening, we all had to wear purple wrist bands to stay in.


watching the elephants and riding the giraffe...the new baby giraffe was already going to bed so we weren't allowed to go in and see him.
The carousel one had to do.

Riding the train

eating ice cream bars with daddy.

We made most of the rounds of animals before tragedy struck.
Mr. Cougar was putting on a show prowling back and forth on his territory so we all went up to have a closer look. To get up close and personal you have to travel up a small rocky hill and Taryn took a spill falling backwards/flipping/cartwheeling/crazy diving down it.
Nose diving that is.

So we ended the evening like this

but felt better seeing the snow leopard and her new baby...

there's just something about little girls and babies.
We always fall hard for them.

the drive home.

she was totally into the band aid on her owie. I never got a picture of it's really bad day. Luckily it's healing just fine and should be back to normal soon!

farewell for now...


Magdalena said...

Finally, I was starting to worry! Your little brother is pretty intense with his freaky talents - and I hear from my better half that he and Adam are collaborating on a football hero weight gain plan- which actually sparked some healthy eating habits in our home recently. That Taryn looks like such a big girl, I think she and Ayda need to get to know each other better and hang out one of these days!

Jeanette said...

i love your posts! Taryn is the cutest little girl, only she's getting so BIG! I love it!

Magdalena said...

PS I'm doing a giveaway on my blog and would love a cute short haired lady to win it!

ericksonslc said...

You guys are so cute! i love how much fun you are having this summer! Taryn came to this crazy planet with the "fit right in" personality of anything you are up to. I love it!! Summer is not over yet, I expect more photos please!!