Saturday, August 8, 2009

mawage is what bwings us togefa today.

it did bring us all together once again to celebrate a close friend sealing the deal!

(did ya get that pun!)

Lucky for me I helped the bride (my good friend Allison) get all dolled up by doing her hair. I absolutely love weddings, especially when I get to attend the sealing in the temple and watch the bride and groom become an eternal family as well as take in the beautiful words and covenants.

This time I thought about how many people there are in this world that don't have the gospel and the wonderful feelings and blessings the temple brings.
Peace, hope, gratitude, and so many more that I felt that day.

Makes me want to be a better

I was also excited to help Allison afterwords in the brides room to get into her amazing dress and make that veil stay put. I don't think I've ever seen a more exciting and glowing bride!
It was such a fun day!

Again, I am borrowing pictures from my friend Lisa
(hope you don't mind!)

waiting in the hot sun for pictures...

the poses we do at every wedding...

#1 - showing off our best assests

#2 charlie angels - can you tell who the creative one is? hmmmm

feeding cake the nice way.

the girls in their black and pink

I can't believe I've been friends with these girls since junior high...
It seems like just yesterday!

taking off for the night and heading on to Hawaii!



Matt and Amber said...

Shawna... you did an AMAZING job with Allison's hair! It is so pretty! I love all the pictures of you guys! You have such a cute outfit... where did you get your shirt? When you talked of helping Allison with her dress and everything, that reminded me of when I helped you with your wedding dress at your luncheon! What fun memories! I'm so glad for your friendship! We should get together the next time I come down. :)

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