Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I wanna be where the people are...

Ariel is our girl right now.

Taryn has a demanding list of "needs" she goes through each morning, every snuggle moment, each car ride, or just when she realizes one is missing.

They come in any given order...

- binki
- doggy

and now - Ewiew (Ariel)

There's something captivating about that little mermaid...she's really got it all goin' on,
if you haven't noticed.
The hair, the smile, the skinny body, the awesome shells, and not to mention...that voice!

Tonight Tar and I made a quick run to the grocery store for some dinner items and while I kept wondering down the cereal isle, taryn came to a quick stop as she saw a box of fruit snacks with a grand picture of you know who on it. Lucky for me that box was on sale so I thought "ahh, what the heck, I would have loved that back in the day!"

She treasured that box the entire (2 minute) drive home and after opening her a package, she really took her time examining those little fruit snacks, no rushing it this time. We've got princesses on our hands here.

Luckily I had the feeling of testing out my camera today to see if it would magically work...and guess what...IT DID! So next time we watch "Ewiew" I will have to do a little video of Taryn's version of "part of your world" or maybe "kiss the girl" - They're all pretty good ;)


Abe and Lisa Johnson said...

love it shawna! you are one awesome MOM!!

Carrie Ross said...

Oh that girl is too much!

Cathy said...

Girl, you need to see The Little Mermaid on Broadway - it is amazing! Emma and I are totally addicted to the soundtrack. We love Ariel in this house, too. It has been one of little Keira's first words! Hey, didn't you have a Little Mermaid birthday party when you were about 5? I still remember that!

Shawna Wilson said...

haha YES! That was the best birthday party! We still have a video of it, and everyone who came (which was all the kids in the neighborhood) Good times!


Abigail went through an Areil phase too. She watched it everyday for a few months.

Natalie said...

So how do I get my kid to like movies and tV??? Let me know I want to Know!!!!!!!

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