Wednesday, January 6, 2010

a whale of a time

According to quite a few people I've seen in the last week, I'm getting "really big."

Luckily for those who have braved these words, I decided not throw a punch their way. Mostly because they are all people I generally have positive feelings towards.

Now if someone mentions those same words who I am not fond of, well that's a whole other post.

I don't remember hearing anything like this when I was pregnant with Taryn, but maybe I repressed those memories. I definitely repressed the memory of how sick I was the first trimester. One of God's tender mercies I suppose.

My next doctor's appointment is this Monday and I have a few thoughts and questions in mind.

- So, am I bigger than normal?
- How about we push that due date to the end of March instead of the beginning of April
- I was induced last time and it all went really well... how 'bout we go with that plan

(if he isn't set for that idea...I can always come up with a good excuse)

- um, my sister was out of town when my first baby was born and she's suppose to leave the first week of April and I really really want her to be there, so dearest most best doctor ever... induction is a must.

We already had a dry run of going into labor this last weekend. Kinda frightening. I woke up at 3 am with contractions. Not just those annoying braxton hicks that I've been having for awhile now, but the real deal kind. I woke Robbie up and we said some prayers, then I tried going back to sleep.
Ya, that wasn't happening.
After a call to the on-call doctor, I decided it would be best to go into the hospital. I called my mom, explained what was going on, and she came to stay over with Taryn.
We were on our way.

So many thoughts ran through my mind...

- what if I really am in labor and they can't stop it?!
- I am sooo not ready to have this baby! I haven't even nested yet...
- I'm only 26 weeks, how big can she be at this point!
- what if she's born and is only 1 pound.
- what if they put me on bed rest?

Those were just a few of my worries.

Once we arrived at the hospital, I had timed the contractions and they were about 7-10 minutes apart. The nice lady at the front desk grabbed me a wheel chair, quickly got my info, and had me with the nurse right away.

So far I really like this hospital and am excited to deliver there.

The nurse was great, set my mind at ease, got me all situated and hooked up to machines and said,
"Well you're not crazy! You are having contractions! Now let's get them to stop..."

After a few minutes she gave me a shot which as she said would "make me shake like a leaf."

And it did.

As I was feeling shaky, Robbie pointed out that the machine was showing a straight line.
That meant no more contractions.


We waited another 5 minutes just to be sure they were not coming back, then we were on our way to the parking lot walking to our car in the falling snow with me having the shakes and leaving some scary worries behind.

The nurse said they were most likely brought on because I was dehydrated and I should be drinking 3 - 4 hospital sized jugs of water a day.

So now I look like this a lot and spend most my day running to the bathroom before I sneeze or cough.

I am also trying to go for this

instead of mindlessly eating all of these for my chocolate fix.

That nutella is yum-o. especially on toasted homemade bread (which I could never bake, only good neighbors bring that to me ;) or with bananas, or pretzels, or probably on anything else for that matter.

Now that I'm back to just getting "big," I'm going to enjoy these last few weeks of having only one child who is full of life and makes everyday exciting.

Here is this little clip to prove it...


Lizzy said...

This post brings it all back. I don't want to remember...

Good luck! And you look freaking cute! Even in the middle of the night at the hospital having contractions. No fair!!

Jess said...

I feel the same as you in the "big" department. I wonder if the first time it was all just exciting so we didn't notice as much? But I feel like a fat cow and everyone points out how large I am and let's be honest, we have a ways to go yet. I'm glad you didn't go into labor and you have inspired me to drink more water!

ericksonslc said...

great post!! love this!

Magdalena said...

So scary friend! Ayda wanted to come out at 28 weeks so I sympathize with you mama. You really do look smashing pregnant, and super skinny to boot! Oh man, just take it easy when you can and keep drinking that water Shawna - we need that little bun to bake a while longer. You are so cute, and I love that you eat Nutella. We love you guys!

Katherine said...

pretty sure i look just as big if not bigger, and i'm two weeks behind you! and 3-4 of those jugs? i try my hardest to remember and maybe get through on a good day! good luck!

Nordhoff Family said...

I am glad everything is okay. I hate going through things like that. You are not big by the way you are so adorable. If I looked like that at 26 weeks I would be so happy! Good luck with everything!

Kerrah said...

Shawna, only you could be so cute in moments like that! (in the hospital in the middle of the night) I will help you beat up the people that tell you you look big, are they crazy?

Anonymous said...


I am glad that everything turned out ok. I am so excited to hold your 2nd baby girl!

I love you and your cute family! Give Taryn my BIG hugs for me!

Love, Aunt Liz

Natalie said...

That is scary stuff friend!!! I have been drinking twice as much water ever since you said that that was what brought it all on. That is so scary. I had a friend due the same time as me lose her baby this week... I am freaking my self out now! Well I am glad that everything is ok! Talk to ya later friendy!

Magdalena said...

you should be getting your package by tuesday, I'm excited for you to get them!!!