Wednesday, January 27, 2010

a few posi+ives

I'm really trying hard here to find the good in today.

Dealing with the same blah-dy blah-ness that January has to offer...
plus that one little tidbit that changed my whole families life ya know

ok, back to the plus sign.
here's my list...

#1 - Last night I found a pair of maternity skinny jeans at Ross for $15.00 And they are pretty cute... with cute pockets and all.

besides the fact that Taryn yelled out in the dressing room last night, "mommy... is that you bum? ewe, yucky!"
I think they make it look nice.

#2 - I also purchased some new undies that make me feel oh so happy...sorry if that's TMI, but when you're pregnant, that makes a w-o-r-l-d of difference!
oh how I love you carinessa ;)

#3 - Taryn's new room is almost completely painted. The happiest color of yellow you 'err did see.

can you tell? It's going to be oooo-ber cute!

#4 - The fact that I will be able to decorate that adorable room in a few days time! I just can't wait and can't stop dreaming of all I want to do in there.

#5 - a favorite gal of mine stopped by to give me a treat.

definitely brought some smiles :)

#6 - valentines candy.
candy hearts
ju-ju hearts
cinnamon sugar hearts
I heart them all.

#7 - I think I will turn the cinnamon ones into chocolate covered ones! oooooohh la la.

#8 - there are only 4 more days left of this dreadful month. Then it's a short 28 days of February, and as soon as March arrives, it's just about baby time!

#9 - I'm having another good hair day. It's in a good phase.

#10 - I cleaned the kitchen.
nearly spotless.
dishes done - check
ajaxed sink - check
counters all cleared and wiped down - check
floor swept - check
and moped - check.

ahhh... Ok, now I can breath easier.

Oh and one more happy thing... I'll be heading out soon and as a reward for already drinking 2 of my 3 required jugs of water, I'll be getting a nice soothing 32 oz. gas station filled diet coke.

with pebble ice


Allison and Josh said...

I'm glad you had a good day! LOVE the skinny jeans! I'm so glad this horrible month is almost over!! Spring can't get here soon enough! I can't wait to meet your new baby! Oh and what do you think of the new carinessa?? I like the older ones SO much better!!

Nordhoff Family said...

Love the positive.. it helps me try and think about what has gone well today for me too. Um... so I need to find out more about this pregnancy underwear you speak of? No not t.m.i. Us women need to share things like this!

ericksonslc said...

ok so you don't even look prego in those cute jeans. no one would ever know that you are having a baby from your darling back end. also love the way the room looks. i can't wait to see it in person. and i am so glad to see this nasty month end. good list. keep up your sweet moods!!

Todd and Jenn said...

Can you be my stylist if I ever get pregnant again? Love the yellow for Taryn's room too. Can't wait to see pics. So your friend that dropped by is amazing :). She threw me the cutest ward shower when I was pregnant with my first.

Christi said...

That's funny about the butt comment. I was walking away from Josh yesterday and he said, "Look at that big bum!" I turned around and said, "Are you talking to me?" He was.

Natalie said...

Man I wish my kitchen was clean but I have no desire to clean it at all tonight and am hoping scott has the energy to do the dishes for me :) I had a yucky day today... I was at the doctors forever while they basically told me nothing about what is wrong and now it is just a sitting and waiting game... blah. The stress this baby girl has already caused me is amazing and she isn't even born!!!!!! I need a more positive outlook for tomorrow! :) Maybe I will head over to ross and see if I can't find myself some 15 dollar skinny jeans :)

Travis and Liz Felix said...

That post was seriously so funny. Those positives sound like something that would turn MY frown upside down.

Especially the DC with pebble ice.
MMMMMMMMmmmmm... love pebble ice.

Shawna Wilson said...

Brittany - these "special" underoos I mentioned are the carinessa bottoms. They have a new style for them and I think they are super dooper comfy! They come in A or B, one is for more curvy women and the other is better for more slender. I went with the curves and have much more belly room now!

Allison - so far I'm liking this new style, but we'll see once I get back to the pre-preg bod how much I like them. I'm diggin the band on top more, it seems a little more sturdy.

Natalie - I am calling you asap to discuss this waiting game you are dealing with...I had no idea something was wrong! I need details so I can worry about my cute friend!!!
also...the kitchen was the one and only thing I dealt with today. There is still laundry, lots of laundry and all sorts of to-do's I ignored. :)

Cathy said...

Ok, so you are the only person I know who looks amazing in skinny jeans while pregnant! I LOVE decorating my girls rooms, so I totally understand your excitement. My girl's rooms are always the best rooms in my house. Now I want some pebble ice in a diet coke, thanks a lot.

Devrie Pettit said...

I wish I looked like you in those skinny jeans! I can't even imagine what Taryn would say if she saw my bum!! You are such a trooper. January is so hard for everyone, spring SERIOUSLY needs to get here soon.

Dave and Lacey said...

Loved the post. Sounds like a pretty positive day to me! The jeans are so cute! The room looks like it is going to be super cute also! Wish I could have a good hair day. Never seems to happen this time of year! :( Glad you found some good in your day and glad you are doing well.

Magdalena said...

So, when all was said and {hot} glued, that whole ditty ran me about 75 bucks. If you want, I would LUFF to make you one. Just let me know!