Tuesday, January 12, 2010

a splash of colour

I overheard the news tonight saying we had the highest amount of polution/smog in the valley today.

e . w. e .

Smog can really bring a girl down, seriously what can make a day feel worse?

As I sat at home ealier, still wearing pajamas, watching mindless tv, I thought of something I learned over 7 years ago.... C-YA!
(that's Change Your Attitude)
A little somethin' I learned from Mr. Bytheway.... the same time I began falling in love with Mr. Right ;)

So that's what I decided to do, change my attitude.
Along with my clothes.

Yesterday I had a short visit to the D.I., but came out with a couple good finds.

This skirt being one of them.
After a good scrub in the washer, it felt like new and made my belly happy to feel "relaxed."

I've decided I need to up the color scale and stop wasting my time wearing boring neutrals. I think this light weight cotton skirt is my new favorite piece of clothing... thanks d.i. dropper offer!

Another +plus+ ----> I got my hair did. Yup, got me some more blonde! Blonde ALWAYS makes me happy! It's like watching the sun come out when you blow dry your hair. luff it!

Do I look like I'm in luff?

The girls and I had a get-together night to beautify one another.
3 of us = 2 to work on one's head of hair at a time.
Total genius!

And there was even another benefit to this day....

there's just nothing like it.
Every now and then a "singer" gives ya the heebie jeebies and you decide to spare yourself and fast forward, then there's that one singer who has "the" story and gives you goose bumps as they share their voice.
It's like I can almost feel the warmth of spring coming, just knowing American Idol has started, the end finale will mean it's SPRING-TIME!

and I know no matter what, I can always be lifted up by this little princess...

She comes in many forms and has many talents she loves to share. Even a heart-wrenching fall to the ground crying scene (just like the scene after Cinderelly's mean step-sisters rip apart her dress and she goes running to that bench in the yard and cry's so very sadly) - ya, that's who she's imitating.
She's very convincing.

Or maybe she'll wash your walls as she hums a tune, or bake you a cupcake with pixie dust sprinkled on top.

I'm telling ya, many talents.

"No matter how your heart is grieving
If you keep on believing
the dream that you wish will come true..."

Thank you Cinderelly.


Allison and Josh said...

Cute post, Shawna!! More blonde always makes me happy too! Taryn is so cute in all of her dress ups. I will be so sad if I don't have a girl someday!! And I couldn't agree more with you on the Idol thing. I love it!!! It helps me through the rest of these cold months!

Jeanette said...

Shawna, your post just made my day! I hate January and Feb, they are so blahhhh.... thanks for your c.ya! I am going to go change out of my pj's RIGHT NOW! I love you! You are seriously the cutest prego gal around!

Nordhoff Family said...

Um... love the D.I. Hopefully I run into you there sometime. You are seriously so cute pregnant. I love all the dress-ups for Taryn. I look forward to when Shelby likes to dress up.

ericksonslc said...

I love this post! Your skirt reminds me of cjanes favorite skirt that she always talked about. You look so cute in it. I am keeping my eyes out for any princess dress ups i can find. I also am looking forward to you baking and sharing your yummy receipes with all of us!

Matt and Amber said...

You ALWAYS have THE CUTEST posts! :) I love reading every bit of them! You are so cute... I look up to you and admire you so much! I am always jealous of your DI finds too... I need to go shopping there more. You make me smile and I just wanted you to know that! :) I would love to hang out sometime if it works out when I am down in Utah. Take Care! Love Ya!

Katherine said...

you're just so cute, i love reading your posts! i got lily's bedding at macy's in the clearance section-gotta love the deals! it's been an interesting transition, but thankfully she can't figure out how to open her door (yet!) good luck with your go at it!

kupukaa_ohana said...

that skirt is super cute! tayen is so adorable in her dress ups! you look awesome by the way..for reals!

Magdalena said...

That skirt is bomb. I love the DI- I always add to my porcelain vase collection/obsession while there. You did good.

Anonymous said...

Wow! You and Taryn are soooooooo AWESOME! I love you guys very much!

Magdalena said...

PS Giving away bands on my thankyou blog. Maybe you can win the kelly green for Taryn you've been wanting!

Jen and Jared said...

I love the little princess! That's so fun. And they have no idea how they brighten up your day. And a good haircut always does the trick! Thanks for mine-I "luff" it!