Monday, February 22, 2010

My vision almost complete

If you recall my ramblings a few months back, you'll know just how excited I am to have this vision complete!

well almost

It began with a paint color. I wanted a sweet warm buttercup yellow.... and I found it! So I put the Robster to work and he painted, a lot.

Then I helped him paint, a lot.

You see there are 20, yes TWENTY shelves in this bedroom. They started off a boring cream/dirty color. I wanted them fresh and new. So we went with classic white. Painting shelves really sucks, but we got the job done and even though they are not perfect, they are just right for me.

I had been making a collection of decor I wanted for that room. I got quite a few birdies at this awesome little store that is only open Thursdays and Saturdays called Real Deals Home Decor . Think a much smaller scale of a Tai Pan, with more uniqueness. Most of the other do-dads were found at the D.I., and I'm still on the hunt for a few more finds.

Then I found bedding, but that bedding didn't work... then I found the bed... but they were out of stock. Twice. :( Then we found the perfect bedding (thanks Mom!) and I found the perfect pillow and it was magic.

Now, of course kids have to have toys, and I would love nothing more than a room to store those toys in, but we get shelves instead.
So.... to avoid the "toy room" look, I had this gal make ooober cute curtains to contain the toys behind!

Genius I tell ya!!!

and as a trade I helped make her a blog, which will be one you will become addicted to as soon as she gains the courage to write.

because she is seriously so funny. Like for reals, my belly has not laughed so hard since she's been gone.

So now that it is 92% complete, I find myself walking down the hall and staring in this new room that I love in every way.

It helps that Taryn loves it just as much. She has been so great with transitioning into a "big girl bed." She actually takes better naps in there as well!

knock on wood
knock on wood
knock on wood

Now onto some visuals of my vision!

The book shelf.
(snow white and cinderella books vintage finds at d.i.
50 cents yo!)

1. etsy pic
2. other etsy pic
3. night light
4. soon to have this knob

and soon to have this lamp on the dresser we still need to paint and put it's cute new knobs on!

Next Nesting Project:
make baby bumper pads


Todd and Jenn said...

Love it Shawna! Katherine and I are doing a design on a dime class for relief society and you have great ideas. I'll have to check out Real Deals Home Decor.

Abe and Lisa said...

Looks fabulous Shawna (as expected). Love the colors and all. That's great that she loves it too and enjoys sleeping in it :)

kONniKaLITa said...

so absolutely adorable shawna!! seriously! sooo cute!

Allison and Josh said...

Shawna! It looks absolutely darling and perfect! You have such great taste! Can't wait to see it in person!

Karalyn Marzo said...

So cute! Shawna you are amazing and that room looks oh so amazing too! I saw the link on good ol' facebook and love your blog!

Whitney and Family said...

Hey Shawna! I, like Karalyn, just saw the link to your blog on facebook. Not only is Taryn's room the most adorable room ever (seriously...I love every single part of it!), but your blog is darling, too! Can't wait to stalk out! -Whitney Stephens

Nordhoff Family said...

Wow! Seriously, Wow! I love it. Good job! Come and decorate my house any day!

ericksonslc said...

Love it!!!!!!

Nick and Melanie Munns said...

Tayrn's room looks awesome, I just showed Ashley and she said "I want that room." I love the colors!

Heather Tolbert said...

Love the room! I can't wait to see what you do for the nursery. I know you live over by my mom's you should send me your address and I'll try and stop by sometime. Hope you're doing good!

Travis and Liz Felix said...

holy mother of fire... I love it!!!
Way to go Shawna!

Jes said...

Ooooh I am feeling motivated to start dreaming about rooms too. What's your nursery going to look like?? Can't wait to see!

Jess2Impress said...

Just found your blog... Lovin the room, it looks great!

Cathy said...

It's darling! I love everything you did to it. The bedding and the Etsy prints are perfection!

Matt and Amber said...

I absolutely LOVE it! I might have to copy some of your cute ideas! How fun to have a new room for Taryn to transition into a new little bed! Good job!

Erin said...

STINKING CUTE!!!! Not that I am at all surprised, but still. I love it! It really makes me want to move to Utah just so you can help me decorate my place!! Grace would LOVE to come over and play in this darling room. Grace and Taryn will for sure be cute little pals!

Maegan said...

So so so SO CUTE!!! Well done! I hope I will be that creative with my kiddies rooms! If I can't do it on my own... PLEASE HELP!! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! I love the shelves by the window! Very awesome! They hold eveerything! I can't wait to see them and also HOLD baby Tenley!