Tuesday, May 11, 2010

a day in the life of the new me

After a few nightly feedings, Tenley wakes up at 6:00. I go into her room, sit in the rocking chair and feed her as I listen to the birds begin their morning song.

My eyes are heavy... I hope so bad she will dose off and sleep a little longer. Her eyes look bright eyed at mine. The tiredness is all worth that look.

I lay her back in her crib awake. Sneak off to my bedroom and wonder just how long I have and if it's even worth getting comfortable.

I hear some strange squeaks. "Is that Taryn?" She has been having some "scary" dreams. Robbie found her the other night crying with both hands on the ground falling out of her bed...
"I fall down Daddy!"

I hop up after I made the mistake of letting myself get comfortable, rush to the end of the hall and find out the squeaks are coming from Tenley's room. I give her a binki.

back to bed

More squeaks followed by whimpers. I tell Robbie it's his turn. He replies back by saying, "she's not even crying, she's just making noises."

Uhh, noises turn into crying, then crying turns into wailing...
I tell him to go in there before she starts wailing and wakes up Taryn.

He gets her to sleep :) It is 7:30

7:45 - Taryn comes out and I hear her make her way to the living room. Then comes to our room and asks for juice.
" I'll get you juice in a minute" I say.
" Uh, mommmmm. I want juice!"

Ugh.... "fine"

I get her some juice and turn on Thumbelina

back to bed

I give myself 10 minutes to sleep. We have Taryn's 3 year old checkup at 8:40.

I sleep for 20.

Finally I find some inner strength and get up to get Taryn dressed. I throw on my "comfy sweat pants," brush my teeth, wipe off the leftover mascara under my eyes and then check the clock.


No time left to fix Taryn's hair or my own... I put a clip in her's so she's not a complete ragamuffin. As for myself... well I just make sure I don't look too much like a zombie.

We head out the door into the rain leaving Daddy and Tenley home asleep. - jealous!! -

Doc says all is well... Tar is still a little peanut. 25lbs which puts her in the 3rd percentile. We made some improvement! She used to be in the ZERO percentile!

We talked about potty training, he gave me a plan which I'll be starting ASAP! Then we discussed her diet, I fell guilty of giving her too much juice and not nearly enough milk.
Change is coming with that as well...

After getting a sticker, we head back home. Daddy leaves. It's 9:30am I feed the baby after putting in Enchanted.for Taryn, then she asks for momeel - which is really oatmeal. I tell her to wait a minute until Tenley is done eating.

After getting her some "momeel," I set Tenley down on the couch and get some supplies from my messy craft closet to get going on the plan for Taryn and the potty.

I get a shoe box, some wrapping paper, fake flowers, and a box full of different rhinestones and sequence.

Taryn decides to help me out and starts off playing nicely, then after about 10 minutes decides it's fun to throw the "farkeys" - sparklys - all over the carpet. Probably thinking it was princess like. Tenley of course fell asleep on the couch, I debate whether to move her into her crib and figure it's a bad idea.

Taryn asks for juice. I tell her she already had juice and needs to have milk or water. She freaks. I don't give in for once. I get her milk, and she takes 2 sips then is done.
One step at a time, right?

By now it's about 12:30. I can barely keep my eyes open so I decide it's going to be nap time.
I get tar into bed and we read a story, I can tell she's pretty tired because she rolled over before I even finshed the book. I give her a kiss and tell her I'll check on her in a minute. - That always works with her ;) Normally she wants me to lay by her, but this way she thinks I'll be back to do that and then she just falls asleep!

Tenley is still snoozin on the couch.

I make the mistake of picking her up to lay in bed by me. Of course she starts to stir and cry.

I go back out to the couch and feed her. Now she's wide awake and decides to make some major rumbles in her pants. This girl can pooooop. On Sunday in relief society she rumbled all through the opening prayer. Then I put my hand on her back and she had poop all over it.

B.L.O.W. O.U.T!! We had walked to church, so I had to wrap her up in her blanket and walk back home.
good times.

Back to today...
I change her diaper and give thanks. This time it was just a couple centimeters from a blow out.

After some rocking and patting of the bum, she doses off. We lay on the couch. It's 1:30

10 minutes later I hear Taryn come running down the hall.... she wonders around the house and doesn't notice me. I set Tenley down and find her climbing up my bed.

"What are you doing?"
"You were hiding Mommy!"
"Yes Taryn... Mommy was trying to hide."

I pick her up and realize her pants are all wet.
I change her and get back to the baby. Then I realize my shirt is all wet. What in the world?
It could be from a number of things...
my leaky chest.
taryn's wet pants.
baby spit up? - nah.
who knows.

I take the shirt off and then Taryn starts in on the "I want candy" cry. I tell her we have to have lunch first. She freaks out so I give her one and say, "only one!"

"I want more candy!!"

Now both Taryn and Tenley are crying. At this point I make a decision to laugh about it and not cry myself. There have definitely been other days when I cry right along with them.

I finally get a new shirt on and feed Taryn some leftover enchilada's and take a few bites of it myself while we watch Tinkerbelle. Now Tenley is fast asleep in her swing.
I catch up on the dishes and put in a load of laundry. We have plenty of clean clothes, they are just piling up and up and up in baskets. Why is it so hard to fold it all???

Tenley wakes up, I feed her while Taryn watches the show. Afterwards, I get them both ready to leave the house to get groceries.
This is our one task for the day.

It's 2:38 and I still haven't had a chance to look at myself in the mirror. I get the girls into the car and head up to Smith's Marketplace.

I take Taryn over to the "playland" area. There is a line of mom's waiting to check their kids in. We wait and wait... finally Taryn's turn and she is more than excited. I get the items I need plus a few extra's.
Pick up taryn... she is thrilled to show me her drawing and sticker. She keeps running ahead of me as we leave and I tell her to stand by mom. She doesn't listen and starts running for the automatic doors. Someone had just walked through them and as she darts to them, they close on her and knock her over!

What the H!!!!

I freak out and run to her. Of course she is bawling and I'm checking her to see if she's bleeding or broken anywhere. A manager comes rushing over and asks if she's ok.
"I think so. I can't believe those shut on her!"
I wanted to say... "what the heck! This shoudn't happen! Do these things not censor kids?!?"
I should get free groceries or something!

I give Taryn her doggy and binki and she calms down. We head home and she tells me over and over again about the scary door the smashed her.

After we get home, I bring the groceries in and then Tenley wakes up. I feed her as we watch more Tinkerbelle. Then I put her in the swing while I put the groceries away. 5 minutes later she's crying so I put on the moby wrap which looks like this...

the first week with tenley

I get dinner started. Lasagna. It's 4:21

Taryn brings me a polly pocket and asks me to put on it's dress. After I do so, she gives my leg a big hug and says, "thank you so much mommy! I love you!"

I get dinner in the oven. It's 4:53
Tenley is done with the moby, I get her out and change her diaper. Set her in the swing so I can make cheesy bread.
10 minutes later she's crying.
I feed her.
Taryn asks for juice. I come up with a brilliant idea.
"How about we make you some PINK milk?!"

I pour her some milk and add a couple drops of red food coloring.
Genius. Why haven't I thought of this before?

She takes 2 sips and is done.

I pull out the cheesy bread and Taryn asks to smell it.

Just then Robbie walks in! It's 6:04

Taryn squeals with delight and tells Robbie about the cheesy bread.

We all sit down to have dinner.
It's awesome.
Normally, Robbie doesn't get home from work until after 8:30.
We chat, we laugh at the funny things Taryn says."
We tell Daddy all about the scary door experience. He says he would've cried. Taryn says, "oh, Daddy's sad, he cried... Mommy kiss him."
So I do :)

Tenley starts to fuss, I pick her up, come back to the kitchen table and look at my family.
I love them.

Now you see how busy my day can get with these 2. I want to blog, I really do. But when I get a free minute, it's usually spent cleaning, cooking, or more importantly, sleeeeeeping. Or at least trying to.
So... one of these days I will try to write about Tenley's blessing, or Taryn's birthday, or our anniversary, or post the most adorable pictures that some amazing women have taken of them.

Until then, I will be catching up on my zzzzzzz's


Margo Wilson said...

I loved reading about your day! You DO have an adorable family and are so blessed. Keep being creative and chose to laugh instead of cry as often as you can! Just love 'em! I sure love you, Shawna! You are a wonderful mother and wife!!!

Trav and Lizzie said...

You are my hero.
And I only saw you once since high school it seems, but when I read your stuff it's like we are chatting and laughing. You're a doll Shawna!

Ali said...

I wouldn't be having a third if it didn't get easier!!

I love your honesty and writing talent :) Good luck with the potting training.

Does Taryn like chocolate milk? I would do half a cup of whole milk mixed with the chocolate to get more calories pumped into Henry. Just a thought? You've probably already had that.

Also, you're so naturally beautiful that you can easily swing the, "I haven't looked in the mirror once" today look!

ericksonslc said...

Loved this! I agree you need to rest instead of blogging. But to be selfish I love your blog! So when life does calm down, get typing! You have a beautiful family. And you would never need to look in a mirror for days and you would still look amazing.

Jeanette said...

i love this post, and I'm sure sooo many people can relate! Now, instead of reading these comments, bring your cute kids over, go home and sleep for a few hours!

Lindsey said...

I feel like I'm reading a recap of my day! It really is at the end of the day when both of them are sleeping that I can look at them and say that it's all worth it. Sometimes I get too caught up in things during the day to really appreciate it all!


you are hilarious. i love this post. It made me laugh an feel so much better about my days. Thank You.

Cathy said...

Sounds exhausting, but we all have days like that! One more sneaky way to get Taryn to drink milk...will she drink chocolate milk?! You have a sweet family and you're doing a great job!!

sweets said...

great blog..really loved it..
m juz 15, n hve started writin recently. can please tell me how did u get this backgound?
read my blog.. I'm inexperienced,so may b u can gve me sum suggestions.. :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Shawna,

what a busy mother you are! Having 2 kids keep you busy all day! I am proud of what you have done to your sweet family! Hope Taryn drinks chocolate milk. yummmmy! I love it! I love reading your blog!

Aunt Liz :)