Tuesday, May 25, 2010

a message sent

you gave us hope
you gave us strength
when our world came tumbling down

you connected us
to our heavenly home
a place we are now tightly bound

we lost our father
a husband
a friend
the grandpa that came to know you

in return gained a new life
a new birth
a new chapter
with eyes we see eternity through

and as you arrived
in my arms
a message was sent oh so sweet

the man who we love
who is near
who is here
kissed your toes as he squeezed your baby feet

for we know it was him
from above
full of love.. comfort.. and joy

he journeyed this life
just the same
with those toes
now he passed them to you
so enjoy

Enjoy the moments
we remember
we cherish
the times when your grandpa loved us

for he loves us still
and he will for forever
a greater gift we fully can trust

as a family
we endure life together
eternal perspective is clear

as you passed from heaven
a daughter of God
that future now feels somewhat near

I love you Tenley Jane.
thank you for this gift.



Brett and Lisa said...

So cute. We love you TENNY!

Uncle B-heezy and auntie Lisa

ericksonslc said...

Beautiful! You are a wonderful writer! We love you guys!

Mary said...

speechless...i love you all!

Allison and Josh said...

Beautiful, Shawna!! Seriously, that was amazing! You've got me in tears now! love you!

Todd and Jenn said...

So beautiful! Wow, you are an amazing writer.

Abe and Lisa said...

How sweet and tender Shawna!! Love it!! The toe part was so perfect in the poem.

Love you guys!

Matt and Amber said...

What a cute poem! I Love It! I love the pictures too! :)

Dane and Natalie said...

Hi Shawna. It's your 2nd cousin or something like that. Sorry I blog stalked you. You can blame it on your mom...she posted it on Facebook. :) Your family is so dang cute and your blog made me laugh and cry. Thanks for sharing! - Natalie (Morgan)

Anonymous said...

Dear Shawna,

awww! I LOVE the poem! Amazing! I had some tears in my eyes as I read and thought about your dad. I MISS him! Shawna, you are amazing! You are an excellent blogger! I'm very proud of you! I love you very much! :)

Aunt Liz

Cathy said...

Beautiful poem and beautiful pictures!

Tiare and James said...

That was perfect! It brought me to tears. I love you Shawna!!

Schiess Clan said...

Loved your words, and so appreciate your perspective.

Magdalena said...

So pretty Shawna. Thank you.

kONniKaLITa said...

that is an amazing poem girl!!!! seriously though. beautiful. i love you so much! can't wait to see the baby #2

kupukaa_ohana said...

i love this poem, so sweet and beautiful. what a gorgeous little girl you have!

Carrie Ross said...

Shawna that is so sweet! I seriously couldn't keep my eyes dry! She really is a little piece of your Dad! We love her for that!