Tuesday, May 25, 2010

turning 3 - part one

My little Taryn turned 3! 3 years old!! Wow... where did the time go?

Now what's a birthday if you don't celebrate for an entire week, right?
To start it off... we did our own little family thing.

after waking up, she opened her presents from mom and dad.

then ate a mickey mouse pancake for breakfast :)

after that it was time to get dressed...

I love this little girl!

then it was off to find her one request...
a purple princess dress.

we had lunch at McDonald's.

then later that evening we went to dinner with my family as well as
Grandma GoGo. (Robbie's mom)
We ate at Shivers....only the coolest kid friendly joint in town!
-sorry no pictures there-

after wards we all came back to our home to open gifts and eat cake and ice cream.

My mom gave Taryn this Ariel swimsuit and she would not take it off!
She loved all her girly, disney, princess presents!

So so excited about the cake!! She didn't want us to cut it. It was pretty cute ;)

and that concludes our first part of the birthday bash!!
more to come soon....


Drea said...

How fun! I loved when she said "Thank you, Brett!" Taryn is so dang cute!

Anonymous said...

Oh fun!! I love these videos! I love the mickey pancake!!! Cool!

Erin said...

Taryn looks like the happiest girl I've ever seen. What a fun day!!