Tuesday, September 28, 2010

the sixth month old post

Yup, she's there already.

6 months since this...


My little Tenley Jane is making time pass by pretty darn quick. We are still head over heels for this one, and I don't think that feeling is going to change anytime soon.

So of course I have to jot down some of my most favorite qualities she has picked up.

- RLS, in her left leg. She loves to kick that one to her own beat. Whether she's just sitting on my lap, or I'm nursing her, or she's in the bouncer watching Taryn... it's kicking.

- Her blankets. Ya know... these kind. She's addicted to them and loves to snuggle one while she sleeps or when she's riding in the car seat. They go where she goes.

- The blonde fuzz that is replacing that dark hair she came with. It's so peachy and perfect and I can't wait for it to keep coming in.

- Her coo-ey laugh. I always nibble at her neck or cheeks and no matter how long I do it she keeps a smile on her face which usually comes with this little laugh that is sooooo cute. I know this won't last forever and right now I can't do it enough.

- Playing with my hair. I'm sure a lot of babies do this, and Taryn did it as well. Whenever I nurse Tenley her hand automatically reaches up to find my hair to pull on or run her little baby fingers through.

- Playing with her feet, and sucking on them too. She's quite flexible and usually does this trick when I'm trying to change her diaper.

- Very much a mama's girl. She is very aware of "stranger danger." Even today at the Dr's office she got whiney and nervous while he checked her out... looking at me like, "mom don't you leave me here!"

- The binki. She has always loved the binki, and man oh man can she go to town on that thing.

- Watching shows. Whether it's baby einstein or more likely one of Taryn's favorite shows, she will want to be facing that direction.

- She can chow down baby food in a blink of an eye. Especially squash. Tonight she actually grunted at me when I didn't spoon it to her fast enough. hahaha

A few of her dislikes:

- getting dressed
- banana baby food
- anytime I walk away and she's watching me
- getting out of the bath
- when Taryn rolls her over and over and over
- not being with or close by mommy

All in all I think I'll keep her :)

hanging out in the saucer

Going to the fair

Sitting with B-heezy at an Oly game

Taryn's photography (I think she looks so much like my brother here!)

Sisters :)

oh ps... As far as her stats go, she's slowly falling into her sister's footsteps.
Today's weight was in the 12th percentile. 14 lbs.
I swear my kids eat.


ericksonslc said...

I love this post Shawna! What a cutie! I laughed so hard at her dislike of Taryn rolling her over and over. She is adorable!

pennie said...

Shawna- She is such a cutie! You are so lucky to have those Beautiful Girls...and they are so lucky to have you and Robbie! What a Darling family you are! xox

kONniKaLITa said...

They are SOOOO going to be twins!!!!