Thursday, September 9, 2010

off to school we go

Taryn has conquered her very first day of pre-school, or "pre-sthool" as she calls it.

She was certain a big yellow bus was going to come pick her up. I have been just as excited about the whole thing. I love getting prepared for back to school.

But I was a little late getting a mini backpack. We have been a bit busy with the last days of summer, so I somehow forgot this big event. Then as I was cleaning things up last night by our washer/dryer area I saw my mini Roxy backpack I got a few years back.


She'll be the "cool" kid at school ;) She was so excited about wearing it! And I was so excited to get her dressed and ready!

Last week we went to orientation and man oh man it was exciting! We saw all the fun toys, decorations, other classmates, and of course Miss Denise!
It was hard to pull away and leave that wonderful place.

So now that all our summer plans are over and the memories have been made... we are onto school days and all the fun new things they will bring!

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ericksonslc said...

What a cutie! I love how excited she looks for school! The photo of all the girls lined up against the fence will be a keeper in 10 years from now when all the girls remember back to the good old preschool days! enjoy this time. it's a fun one!