Monday, December 20, 2010

Dancing Snowflake

Taryn has loved being in dance. She has always been one that spins around and prances whenever she gets a chance. So having her in a dance class is a given. Unfortunately her teacher will be taking some time off because she is having a baby... so we will either take the time off as well, or search for another class.

-which it will be hard to find one we love as much as miss Natalie's class!-

Miss Natalie is the daughter of Miss Connie who taught me when I was about Taryn's age. My mom has the funniest video of my Christmas dance recital. It's honestly America's Funniest Video worthy. Let's just say I wasn't in the best mood and made it very well known.

I was more than excited and surprised to see Taryn and the other classes do the exact same dances I did back in Miss Connie's class! Though this time around there weren't any pouter's.

Taryn was so cute as a little snowflake in her sparkly blue costume. She was in heaven! Anytime she hears a commercial or the radio play the nutcracker song they performed to she tells me all about how that was her dancing song.

I sure hope we get to see many more performances like this one! I LOVED IT!


ericksonslc said...

What a gorgeous child! I can't believe how she looks in this costume. She belongs in a ballet! She is beaming! I love this. Keep her dancing it suits her and she is darling! I love you! Give Taryn a big hug from me and tell her Aunt Becky says "she looks beautiful!"

Devrie Pettit said...

She is so adorable. I can't wait for Chayce to get into all the girly stuff. I hope she likes dance. How fun!!

AmberLou said...

Those are THE CUTEST pictures of Taryn in her costume! It makes her eyes SO blue! I love little girls in dance! :)