Wednesday, December 8, 2010

this holiday season

We have been busy just like everyone else during the month of December.

Hustling and Bustling...

The other day in the car I found myself singing along to silent night. I tried to explain to my three year old why we really celebrate Christmas. I could see the wheels turning in her little mind as she processed that thought. Later she told me that Christmas is when babies come.

Well... she's kind of got it figured out.

I think it's my goal every year to keep my heart and mind focused on what Christmas really means to me. When there are so many wants and wishes flying around it's hard to keep myself grounded. I want my daughters to understand how serving others is what fills your heart this time of year.

When life gets hard and trials take over, I can count on serving others to help heal my worrying mind. It is one way I can free my mind and think of someone else's needs.

One of my favorite's is the festival of trees. Growing up I never really thought much of who and why and how these trees came together. This year of course it hit much closer to home. It was a bitter-sweet feeling to help with the tree that was decorated for my Dad. On one hand you feel like it's an honor and think of how much he would have loved to sit by this Utah themed tree. But on the other hand it's another reminder of the reality that he is gone.

I think when you lose a loved one you find when there's a positive it's usually followed by a negative.
If you enjoy something, you wish you could share it with them.
When you hear a funny story, you miss hearing their laugh.
When you accomplish something great, you want them to be there to hug you.

See what I mean. So as much as you miss them during hard times, you miss them just as much during the happy ones.

But life goes on... so we must too!! :) I do count my blessings everyday and am ever so grateful for my darling husband and beautiful girls. Now moving on to some photos to enjoy...

"Merry Christmas to U"
The Ute tree for my Daddio

It turned out so great! So many people helped out by making blankets, pillows, donating red gumballs, Uof U ornaments, signs... and so much more!!

The kids had a blast in the kids korner getting decked out with glittery "tattoo's", decorated antler's, and the girls had their nails painted.

I just love these girls!!!!

and the part Taryn was looking forward to most...
telling Santa what she wants for Christmas.
She had practiced for days on what she was going to say.
"I want a princess barbie rapunzel with a castle and a prince... and a baby named Sara."
So as she got up on his knee the nerves kicked in and it came out like this...
"I want a repunzel baby and a barbie named Sara."
Such a silly girl! I helped her explain a little better what she meant :)

I just love this picture.

especially this part.
So magical.


ericksonslc said...

Now tell me again how old you are? You are writing with wisdom way beyond your years. I love you and your beatiful daughters. They are to die for and please I beg.. beg.. beg for a copy of the last photo. I do need that displayed in my home. Thank you for sharing your heart with us and you are right on the mark with all your thoughts and conclusions! I love you!

Magdalena said...

I love that picture. So so darling Shawna. We need to get together because our girls loved it last time and because you really are such an incredible person that I would love to see more than twice a year! Adore you and your sweet family cousin Shawna!!!