Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ugly Sweaters

They are the latest trend...

ugly sweater parties.

This year we had one with my group of friends from high school and their husbands. Robbie and I for sure had the best sweaters for the event.

Mine contained kitten's popping out of Christmas presents, and Robbie was a champ sporting one that was my grandma's.

- Grandma, I'm sure you looked lovely in that sweater when it was in it's prime. -

and what's a Christmas party without some white elephant gifts?

one of our gifts, UFC loot Robbie won from Comcast.

Obviously I was thrilled with my gift.
It ended up getting snatched by it's original owner...

Allison opened our other gift. The truth or dare jenga set we bought in high school for a group date. Some pieces you had to come up with your own truth or dares, now those were funny to read!

Tiare's husband James totally pulled off the creeper look in his attire.

And these two were the winners for best sweaters of the night.

The whole gang!

Until next year...


Abe and Lisa said...

Sorry to steal your present Shawna. And I do disagree with you on one thing... My sweater vest was the best especially because of my button covers. Haha!! Love you lady and MERRY Christmas!! Dinner again soon.. yes!!

Erin said...

I could have sworn you got your sweater from Miss Garff! Love the movie of you guys opening the quilts. They really are amazing! I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak.