Tuesday, January 4, 2011

top tens of twenty ten


doesn't it feel like we just started the year 2000? I remember that new years like it was yesterday. I was wearing my purple "puffy" vest. Had my very first kiss downtown celebrating "last night" with our friends and neighbors. Wore the glasses that said 2000.
Yaaaa, I was so cool.

I'd say we had a pretty good 2010.

and here are the top ten reason's why....

I had a lot of low key days with my girls. I really wouldn't trade those days for anything. I love being able to stay at home with them and watch them grow.

snuggles and kisses!! / Taryn being her goofy self

we spent a couple nights at the Stein Eriksen lodge in Deer Valley with my family. It was so beautiful and unreal! They told us we were in the same suite Jennifer Aniston had stayed in.

That's just how we roll.

Tar enjoying a nice bubble jacuzzi bath / the girls taking it easy in the big cozy bed

Taylor and Connor hanging by the hot tub / Lisa and B-heezy chillaxin on a couch

Went on a fun trip with the Wilson clan to Jackson Hole. Played late night games, ate treats, took long walks, played in the pool, ate yummy food, watched the kids explore, hit some tennis balls, and ate more and more grub!

By the end of summer, Taryn was swimming like a champ! So proud :)

swimming lessons paid off!

Daddy helped coach her along


Robbie turned t.h.i.r.t.y.
I'd say that's a pretty big deal.

Taryn started preschool with Miss Denise. She always comes home so excited singing new songs and sticking her cute artwork on the fridge.

First day of school

I just couldn't help myself from taking a picture of her everyday.
and she is always taking pictures of her school work :)

We made it past the "seven year itch!" Celebrated our 7th year of being married!! wowza...

The awesome trip to the Bahamas sailing on the Disney Cruise Line. LOVED IT! Want to go back right about N.O.W!!!

aaahhhhh, peaceful, luscious, clear blue waves

What seemed like the impossible finally happened.
Taryn... potty trained. One day it just clicked. It was magic.

This little lady arrived. Best best thing that happened all year by far. Oooooh I just love her!

Here's to 2011!


Cami and Andy said...

What a fun year Shawna! Your family is just so cute! It's fun to see how you are doing!

ericksonslc said...

What a great year you had and how I love all your photos! I love all the shots of Taryn heading to school she is so camera smart! And Tenley, Wow what can I say? I love her too! Let's make this year even better and include much more travel! Love you guys!!

Ryan and Tori said...

Hey! I gotta know- what did you do to get her potty trained?? Sara is the most stubborn little thing! I've tried treats, toys, potty books, big girl panties, cute potty seat, and everyone keeps telling me "just don't push her" but I feel like she won't EVER be potty trained if I don't try! What's the secret??

Shawna Wilson said...

Tori, Oh man... basically it took a whole year. We tried EVERYTHING! potty watch, cute potty, treats, prizes, movies, toys, BIGGER toys! I finally gave up and decided to not care how old she was getting and to just let her do it when she was ready. I kept letting her pee her pants and she'd tell me I need to go potty after she had an accident. Finally she figured out to tell me before an accident and all we did as a reward was put a princess sticker on the potty chair. We are still working on #2. I think that scares her a little, but I know we'll get there one day!! Good luck... and really don't push it at all, you'll just go crazy!!