Thursday, March 24, 2011

Party time at Mickey D's

While we were back in good old Utah... we celebrated the most spunky one year old's birthday.


This little lady is a crack up.
I love how adventurous and excited about almost anything she can be!

Taryn has been so excited for Tenley's birthday. According to her, we're still celebrating. Today at the grocery store she said we needed donuts for Tenley's birthday.
Tar loves donuts.

Tenley loves food.

She out eats Taryn (and sometimes me) at every meal. For reals.

These two are inseparable. Moving them away from one another has probably been one of the hardest parts of this move. I love Ava as if she were one of my own.

We did the best we could with a last minute Harmon's cake.
- if you're going with a theme... go all the way! -
(btw - our theme was "ghetto")

Best part of the night... sharing the celebration with the other play place kids! My mom said we should gather them all for a picture so it looks like we had an awesome party with a whole bunch of kids! (apparently she's familiar with that idea...)
I thought it was a nice touch, ya know... to our "theme"

Next post...
How we celebrated in Reno.

stay tuned!


ericksonslc said...

I seriously can't stop laughing. I love your "theme" it's so perfect! Can't wait to see you soon! Love you guys!!

Kaymee said...

haha! I love taking pics with strangers!! your mom is funny!! Love the theme and the misspelled cake :)