Monday, March 21, 2011

Wedding Bells are Ringing

Last week was the week we had been looking forward to!

Home Sweet Home!!!

We arrived Wednesday morning and the very first stop was Cafe Rio. They seriously have something addicting in their creamy dressing. I practically drank the stuff while I was pregnant with Taryn.

After Cafe Rio, we were non stop busy. I did some haircuts. We met up with Kim and the kids. We watched Taylor's baseball game. Then headed out the door for the wedding dinner.

Thursday was the wedding. Emily's prayers must have been at the top of the list that morning cause the snow that was expected never made it. Lucky lucky!! It was a beautiful wedding, and it brought back many memories for me. She had her reception at Heritage Gardens, the same place we had ours almost 8 years ago. The same jazzy band played, and my mom's friends who arranged our flowers brought their magic to Em's night too. It was lovely. Taryn was in heaven. She said she really wants to get married right now! The other morning as I was fixing her hair she said, "mom, let's talk about the wedding, and Emily's hair, and her sparkly in her hair, and the pretty long thing that came out of her hair..." She doesn't miss a detail.

Friday morning we finally took it easy. Lounged around with grandma in jammies, then finally got ready and met Kim and the kids at the mall for some corn dogs and craziness. It's always craziness when we are outnumbered by our children, in the mall, on a day everyone else decided to hit the stores.

We didn't last long.

Then it was back to grandma's for some much needed naps.
After naps we got ready for Tenley's birthday shin-dig! We are totally high class and had a rockin party at.... McDonalds. oh yeah. It happened.

The kid loves to eat. Seriously, I think the big kid kids meal hamburger and fries was the highlight of the evening. This birthday celebration deserves an entire post of it's own, especially a catch up of just how fun loving and hilarious my Tenley Jane is.

Saturday morning went by quick. We had a photo shoot of Tenley (and some of Taryn as well) at Cactus and Tropicals for her first birthday pics. Jeanette worked the camera and got some amazing shots. I can't wait to get a sneak peek of them on her blog! :)

After that, Tenley napped, I packed, Taryn played and giggled with aunt Lisa.

We made another stop at the beloved Cafe Rio....
Then it was off to the airport we go.

So now we are back home. Back to reality. I'm already planning our next visit to Grandma's house. Taylor will be getting his mission call soon, so we definitely cannot miss out on that!

Tomorrow is Tenley's big day. I love that booga baby more than I ever imagined could be possible.

Next post: All about her.

Now here is an abundance of wedding photos for all those who want to see!!

Taryn jumped right in for a picture as soon as they came out the temple doors

All the McClellan girl cousins (minus Amy)

Cute flower girls!

She was sooooo excited!!!

Her little flower ball. She said it looked like Tinkerbelle's house.

I know it's blurry, but I LOVE Tenley's face!

My Girls

Me and the Bride

There was a lot of crawling going on

Some of the beautiful flowers

Amy made sure to catch the bouquet

Uncle Tay ROCKS!

Brett can always get a laugh out of her.

These gangsta's decked out the car


and this was my favorite....


ericksonslc said...

Thank you for this amazing post. I needed a journal entry for the whole affair and you covered it well. I love your photos. The video is classic.One of my favorite pictures is of your darling girls on the stairs. How come your girls come out of the womb knowing how to pose for the camera? I miss you and those sweeties and can't wait to see you soon! I love you!

Kaymee said...

Hahaha! I started cracking up at the first line! our first stop in Vegas...Cafe Rio!! Love that dressing too! and the homemade torts!!! I'm glad you are here and we can be miserable together :) lol