Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I went to the Winder Stake youth conference and met the guy who would change my life forever...Robbie Wilson. I still get butterflies thinking of those short 3 days. I've never been one to get "nervous" around guys, but with Robbie it was a different story. He made my knees give out! How could this mature returned missionary have any interest in me? I had just turned 18 ten days ago and felt like a little high school gal. I guess he must have seen something in me because the first day we got back from that little town called Mount Pleasant (it was pleasant - ha) he called me up and we had our first date at the Drive-in. Now, I highly doubt my parents (well my Dad) would have let me go to a Drive-in with this guy he had never met because we all know what the Drive-in's are known for...but hey they weren't home! Lucky me! From then on we were inseparable. He made me "melt like a popsicle on the 4th of July" - Darla from the Little Rascals - that was when we had our first kiss. And every summer night we'd start our goodbye's at 11:00 so I could be home by (or around) midnight. What a summer filled with memories that I will never forget, and here's to many more exciting summer nights to follow! (we have a date for this Friday at the Drive-in... gotta keep the tradition going!)

We look like little kids!


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Holy Cow! YOu do look young!!! So cute though.