Monday, September 26, 2011


I faced my fear... we went to the great hot air balloon race.
I had heard about this awesome event after living here for just one week.

It did NOT disappoint!

We went with some of our friends, the Witters. Luckily Kristen was all about getting their early for the "glow show" which I wanted to see as well. (we made it just in time too!)

the announcer kept counting down from ten over and over again...
then would say, GLOW....... and the balloons would light up. They went in the sky too.

I was a slacker mom and didn't realize just how chilly it would be outside at 4:30 am! My poor kids were frozen :( Oops!! (and Tenley lost a shoe and had no socks... really what was I thinking?!)

Taryn and her buddy Mitchell

yup, I got THAT close!

Checking out the inside.... I would not want this kids job.

Finally warmed up! and they are OFF....

What a great way to start a Saturday morning!
I guess there are some bright sides to Reno :)


Abe and Lisa said...

Looks fun! I would love to see one of those shows sometime. My parents are going to the hot air balloon show in Albuquerque next week. It must be the thing to do these days! :)

ericksonslc said...

Love to read your blog. Glad that your blogging again. Hope Tenley is feeling better!