Friday, September 30, 2011

Elder Cox

So, I figured for most families sending out a missionary was, ya know... "easy and normal." That's what I always thought hearing about friends who's brothers were leaving, or hearing about so and so's missionary... yada yada yada.
Now I realize there are a lot of feelings involved.

My brother is the One and Only brother. So this is all brand new to me, my sisters, and my Mom. We have had a lot of life changing experiences these last two years and it's all a little overwhelming to say the least. Of course we want him to be on a mission, and he definitely wants to be there too. That doesn't mean it's going to be easy. Nope.

So what do you think we all have been doing to cope?? Well, we use this website like allllll the time sending him letters and writing funny things to him (like Snorkel...) I made him a package of stuff that I went a little overboard on. I mean, hello... if it were me, I would want to be getting awesome stuff! My mom has sent him a package, his girlfriend has sent him some, and Taryn thinks any craft or coloring project is something we are sending Taylor.
Ya, we are a little obsessed.

But, in all seriousness, my brother is one of a kind. He is sweet in a way most teenage boys can't even understand. He has never once been rude to his sisters, made any of us feel bad or upset, and has never made fun of us. He has taken it upon himself to love my girls in a way my Dad only could. He stares at them meaningfully, he plays with them when everyone else wants a break, he truly adores them.
And when it comes to my Mom, he cares for her in ways that can't be explained.
So you see... my brother is one of a kind.

So far he has been soaking up the MTC experience like a sponge. He says he has his moments of feeling down, but then comes right back up with a laugh from his comps and a reminder of why he is there. Yesterday he arrived at the MTC in the Domincan Republic. Of course it's like starting from scratch again and is a little overwhelming. My heart hasn't stopped praying for him and my mind is constantly wondering what he is doing now and how is he feeling? I know with every change, there is fear and nervousness. I felt it 7 months ago. Then again, I wasn't moving out of the country, learning a new language, and leaving my entire family behind. Being surrounded with the unfamiliar is scary.... but in time you grow to love your new surroundings.

Elder Cox is going to change lives. He is going to bring hope, peace, joy, and most importantly he is going to bring knowledge of the Savior.
Now that is a change that is worth every ounce of fear and worry a missionary goes through.

I love you Taylor and I am so proud of all the wonderful work you are bringing forth!

We are all sending xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo's to the DR!


Mary said...

Best family ever.

Natalie said...

Oh man I know how it is... I remember when my first brother left and it was still at a time when you could meet them at the airport before they left the country. ( wow!!! I was 9 years old!!) We went there and we were all balling our eyes out. When my brother Dan left we lived in Mexico so we had said our goodbyes a few months before and it was dan.. ha ha:) But when my little brother left, we felt like our family would fall apart without him. His beautiful letters got us through a lot of tough patches while he was gone. I know your brother is going to be amazing! I can't wait to hear updates about his progress and experiences! I miss the missionary life... Scott's little bro is on a mission now, but after that no more, and on my side even all of my extended family are returned! So enjoy it! It is an amazing two years for every member of the family... it is amazing how much your brother will change your life, while gone:)

ericksonslc said...

Love this Shawna!!