Wednesday, September 28, 2011


A new kids museum just opened here... so of course we had to check it out!

It's called the Discovery Museum (obviously) and we discovered a ton of fun things. This will be such a fun place to come when winter hits and we get bored from being stuck inside!

Here are a few of our discoveries....

magnifying glass makes us look really big!

what goes up, must come down

sometimes we can fit inside a tire

We really like money

wind comes from air, which can make things spin!

magnets can make art

we can make a rainbow from light reflecting

a fish pond we can walk on is really cool

and Olivia makes really awesome cookies!!

See... lots of discoveries!!

There are a ton of other fun area's I didn't take pictures in... a huge fiberglass wall the kids get to draw on, tons of robotic pieces they can put together to make something unique, a water area, and a huge climbing netted area that goes 3 stories up!

Yay, we will have to come back!

and here's a video to show just how cool that fish pond really was.

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