Tuesday, September 6, 2011

ten days that went by waaaaay too fast

Yet again we made it back to UT. I feel like we've already been living away for 5 years and it's only been 6 months!

I'm really really glad we have had some good excuses to come back to visit. I love it every time. This time unfortunately we started it off with Tenley sick. She barfed in the car on our way to the airport.
Wish it would have ended there... but nope! That bug followed us and spread like wildfire after we arrived. Sorry to everyone who was plagued by our disease!!
Now that (hopefully) everyone is back to normal, I still have some major detoxing to do. It's called post-going home-vacation depression.

I even missed this dog...
It just takes time to adjust back to life here. - I'm in the middle of detoxing, can't you tell.

Back to the highlights of our trip.....

First thing grandma does is spoil my girls like crazy... Taryn was so excited to find a new dress up, some new toys, and a whole lot of barbie movies! Then she jumped for joy as soon as Amy walked in the door from school.

She also snuggled Aunt Lisa of course... lots and lots of snuggle time with the aunt who gives her anything she wants.

oh and McCall definitely knows how to win this girl over... BLINGY CRAFTS AND ANYTHING PRINCESS will do the job!

But the biggest surprise of all was seeing this new room for the first time!!!!

I LOOOOOVE it!!!!!! - and my Mom so deserves it. After many many years of sweating to death in her small kitchen and trying to squeeze past the old countertop it was time for an upgrade! YES!!!

(Taryn's photo skills)
First night there we celebrated Tay's birthday. We ate at the Cheesecake Factory. Enduring the long wait and all, but I could care less how long we had to wait... I was with my favorite people!!

The main reason for this trip was my one and only brother Taylor's farewell.
It still boggles my mind that he is old enough to be a missionary.
He's going to be an awesome one.
Really really awesome.

just a few of the high schoolers that came

Taylor and McCall

our version of Cafe Rio

Could these girls be any prettier?!?

Lisa, my Mom, and a couple of the Slaters :)

and if you read my blog normally... you know this is my other half. Yep Kim!
(and my creeper seester behind us)

My little Taryn (such a trooper for having the bug that day) and my favorite -almost 6- year old Ava.

...and I was going to post the montage of pictures I took of Taryn and Taylor. She was seriously glued to him.
But just thinking about it makes me cry.

So that will have to wait until later my friends...
Good luck tomorrow Tay!
I Love You!!!

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Allison and Josh said...

I can't believe he is leaving on a mission! I can remember so well being at your house when your mom was getting ready for his baptism. He will be such an amazing missionary. I'm so sad we missed his farewell - we were in Lake Powell. Anyway, I'm thinking of you and your family today. And one of these days when you're in town, we'll get together. xoxo