Friday, December 23, 2011

a day out on the town.

Taryn loves to be my sidekick.... and a couple weeks ago, we decided to have a girls day, just the two of us.  A lot of my time goes to Tenley, so a day like this was in need.

It started with some lounging jammie time.  Then we got ourselves ready and headed out to do a little Christmas shopping with build a bear in mind.

Taryn was such a good sport following my trail in Nordstrom,  H&M, and a few other places... then she finally groaned "moooooooooom I thought we were going to BUILD A BEAR!"

So to build a bear we went and she picked out two cute hello kitty's - one for her and one for Tenley.
My heart melted as she made her wish for the bears heart... "I wish my sister (thisther) Tenley will get all better."

Then she washed them, and picked out their clothes.  Tenley's got a pair of jammies, and an angel outfit. - very fitting -
Taryn's got a Christmas dress and ballerina jammies.
Then we named them... Bella and Pricilla.  Those choices were all Taryn.

After all that shopping and bear building we got some corn dogs.  While we were eating we talked about how much walking we did in the mall, then Taryn said, "hey, I know a good idea!  I think we should get pedicures now!"

That's my girl.

So that's just what we did... But before that we made a pit stop at fresh market to grab a few groceries.  While we were there, we got a picture with a big polar bear standing in front of a huge truck filled with what we guessed were Santa's presents.
Even the grocery store was a fun adventure!

Pedicures were great... Taryn chatted with the workers and told them all about her thisther in the hostible.  They remembered us from getting pedicures there over a year ago... and they recognized me as Mary's daughter.  They even knew I wasn't Lisa or Amy!  Now that is impressive!

They also gave us the royal treatment and glitzed up Taryn's toes.  She loved it!!

After finally getting home, we started dinner and then decided to make the gingerbread house my mom bought before Thanksgiving.  After I finished the roof, I told Taryn she was in charge of doing everything else.  I kept adding stuff and putting things on my way until she said... "what the heck mom, I thought you said I was doing it!"

This was the Best. Day. Ever. (Taryn's words)
and I couldn't agree more.

And thanks to a very gracious thoughtful anonymous friend, the build and bears and pedicures were free.

making her wish

giving them a good scrub

oh ya, I spritzed her with some Justin Bieber perfume.
Check out that shy/embarrassed face... haha


Bella and Pricilla

Thanks for the fun day cute girl!

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Keyonna said...

Shawna, You are such a good mom to your beautiful girls! You are an inspiration to me. I pray for you every day and so do my kids. We hope things work out well for you.