Friday, December 2, 2011

Feeling Strong

Today started off with me and Tenley heading out the door at 7:30am.   We picked up my sister Lisa after Tenley had been screaming in the car all the way to her house and she continued until we got to Primary's.
She has always hated being in her car seat... especially if Taryn isn't there.

We got to the hospital right on time and Tenley chilled out.  She was even willing to wear a mask throughout the halls!  After going to a few different floors and doors, we found our way to the bone marrow clinic.  This is where the kids who are outpatient come in to get their chemo.  For us, we were just getting some labs drawn, vitals, and a review of the last couple of weeks with Dr. Wright.  (who I love by the way... she is just that... Right!)

As we sat there waiting, Lisa blew bubbles and Tenley loved it.  Then we played with the stethoscope...  Tenley really has caught on to these medical tools that are used on her almost daily.  She had fun playing doctor, and kept putting them on and then folding them up and waving bye bye like she was all done and leaving the room.  So Funny!!  Lisa and I were getting a kick out of it!

When the nurse came to draw blood from her line, Tenley handed her one of the lumens like, yup... I know just what you need.  I was so glad she was being so willing and easy going... Having an ANC of 1,000 really makes a difference!  So far everything was running on time and there was hardly any waiting involved.  

For the few minutes we did wait for Dr. Wright, I heard a little boy in the room next door.  At first I thought he was yelling, but then Lisa and I stared at each other when we realized he was throwing up.  Hard.  Then he would cry the saddest cry in between.  
It was awful.  My heart ached thinking of this little child being overtaken by this poisonous chemo.  It all seems so unfair.  I teared up and Lisa started crying.  We sat there stunned realizing what world we were dealing with.  These kids endure more then they ever should have to.  It makes me want to bottle up the good days like today.  Monday we start chemo all over again.  I am praying it goes as well as last time (hopefully even better now that we are starting with higher counts!)

After talking with Dr. Wright we made our way to RTU and soon met the anesthesiologist.  I am drawing a blank on his name, but Lisa (who worked at Primary's for years) said he is like the head honcho for anesthesiology.  Yes!  It was comforting to know we were in great hands.  Immediately I thought of the numerous prayers being offered upon us, knowing we were being blessed.  Soon they were ready for Tenley.  I took her into the room where there were about 7 different nurses and doctors, and after some crying from Tenley and getting the medicine into her line, she was falling asleep and calmed down.  

Lisa has watched a lot of kids be put under and said, "now this is the part where most parents start bawling."  I know having Lisa there made me feel like I didn't need to freak out and worry about Tenley... so we walked across the hall and grabbed a quick breakfast.  About 30 minutes later Tenley was waking up and was so delightful!  Completely different than our first go with general anesthesia.  The doctor explained that it can be very different each time they come to, and it depends a lot on how they feel that day in general.  After he said that, the light bulb turned on in my head and it made total sense as to why she was so hard the first time.  It was our 2nd day after being admitted and her counts were super low... plus we were all sleep deprived and emotionally drained.  Yeah, no wonder she flipped that first time.

After eating some goldfish, sour gummies, and sipping oh you know... diet coke.  
We were good to go!  Just like that!  We had been there a total of 2 1/2 hours... that seemed like a blink of an eye compared to the weeks I spent there last month!  

Dr. Wright helped me feel less stressed when she told me 85% of the kids are in remission at this point.  She seemed really upbeat and positive and I asked her if having Tenley's ANC jump from 200 to 1000 in a few days time is a good sign of being in remission... she nodded her head and said of course that is a good sign.  We will know for sure next week when they have the results from the procedure today.
I am hopeful at this point and feel like Tenley is fighting the good fight!  

Tonight I was thinking back on the month before her diagnosis.  Her personality was not there.  It wasn't like it all happened overnight, so to notice it wasn't very obvious to me... but she was so whiny, sad, only glimpses of looking happy, never wanting to walk around, only wanting me to hold her.  Now seeing her, I can totally tell what we had been missing.  She is such a happy little gal!  Scrunchy smiles, goofy grins, wanting to run, climb, and toddle around.  
Tenley is back and I love it!   

 - Taryn and Tenley riding in the car tonight to see Christmas lights... see she loves having Taryn with her! -


Allison and Josh said...

You and cute Tenley were on my mind all day today. I'm so glad things went so well for you guys today. I hope it's all uphill from here! Love you!

Heather and Dave said...

Your girlies are little dolls. I love Tenley's cute hats and gigantic smiles when she's with her big sis. Thank goodness they have each other and that she's doing so well. We pray for you and think of your sweet family each day. Xoxo

Mindy said...

This makes me SO SO happy! I love that your little ones are so connected, it gets me all the time! They are lucky to have a mommy like you! Im praying for you guys and I look at Tenley's little pic everyday!!

Tyler and Dru said...

I absolutely love having Taryn in my primary class. She is such a light of sunshine and every time she prays, she prays for Tenley. It's so darling. Glad you've had an enjoyable couple of weeks. Good luck today!

BBB said...

SO, SO happy to hear this. We will continue to pray for Tenley and have faith that she will completely overcome this.