Thursday, October 25, 2007

Growing up

So today I thought I'd try some clothes on Taryn that I bought last year at Old Navy after we found out we were expecting a girl...I really thought they would be huge, but THEY FIT!! Well, still a tiny bit baggy and long, but all in all they work. At first I was so excited because now she can wear her first pair of flared denim jeans...but then I thought, this means she is growing and at that, way too fast! It seemed like these clothes I bought not so long ago would never fit her...she would be my little baby forever! But, it was bound to happen and I am loving every stage of every week that goes by. The smiles, the new laughter, the snuggling, the "talking", and the hoping that tonight will be the night we sleep through without any interruptions.

This was the little velour outfit that I showed off to everyone after I purchased warm and snuggly, does it come in my size???

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Poe said...

You are AWESOME! Thank you for the recipe! We'll be buying pork tomorrow! :)

Oh, and when you find a velour outfit like that in adult sizes, let me know. It's super cute!