Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What I love about FALL

I was so ready for Fall to come around! After the HOT summer we had it was about time for things to cool off. Here are a few of my favorite things about this time of year...

-Cute jackets for those chilly evenings
-Feeling ok about not having a tan
-Turning the AC off and cracking the window...I love waking up and feeling chilly,
then I can snuggle up to Robbie and pull the blankets up!
-My brothers football games
-Wearing tall boots
-Making my Aunt Becky's pumpkin cookies
-Hot apple cider
-Of course the beautiful colors of the leaves changing
-Piles of leaves raked up in peoples yards
-The U games
-My favorite shows start new seasons
-My mom, Amy, and Robbie's Birthdays are my not so favorite things of fall...

-Robbie becoming a football freak
-Getting a cold
-Back to school (I'm all done with school but I still get the back to school anxiety!)
-Days becoming shorter
-The wind
-Early snow storms!

Good thing the positive list is longer! But my number one favorite is pulling out the Fall/Halloween decorations...and this year my friend Kim and I made some new ones!

We got these Witches at the Wood Connection...they were just plain wood cut out in this shape and now they are so cute! I'm so proud of us Kim!

I also got these blocks at the Wood Connection, again they were just plain wood blocks. Wow, I was on a crafty high!

Ok, I can't take credit for making these, but aren't they so cute!!

My Big win from Bunco last year, the trick or treat sign.

And this was the best decoration I made this year...

Her binki is her new best friend

She loves to play with her toes

Robbie does this "dinosaur like" sound that makes her giggle every time!


Ali Flegal said...

I am so glad I found your blog. Thanks for telling me! First of all your daughter is beautiful. She totally has your eyes (in my opinion!). I have to say that little girls are way too much fun. I totally admire your crafty nature!

Mindy said...

Taryn is SO BIG! She is so cute, are you loving the binky?
I am jealous of your craftiness and how good it looks, impressive!!!