Sunday, October 21, 2007

Happy Birthday ROBBIE!

It was Robbie's 27th birthday this past Wednesday and when he woke up I surprised him with a few decorations and a candy poster! (FYI, Robbie loves candy)...Happy Birthday Babe, I love you!!!

Since you are are 27 reasons why I think you are the BEST!

1. You are everything on my list :)
2. I love your laugh, it's always so loud and full of's contagious!
3. You have the best smile
4. When you smile, you get "crinkles" around your eyes
5. You treat me and Taryn like queens
6. You let me watch my dumb reality shows when you want to watch sports
7. You love sports...I know I say it bugs me, but really I love watching you get so into it all
8. You ALWAYS smell good, which is rare for a guy
9. You are always willing to help serve
10. You seem to know everything!
11. You can sing
12. I'm jealous that you play the piano so well
13. You read more books than anyone I know
14. You can bust a move
15. You love the gospel
16. You listen to me vent about stuff
17. You always tell me I look pretty
18. You have a great sense of humor, and you make me laugh everyday ;)
19. You like to hang out with my family
20. You're honest
21. I know you'd do anything for your family
22. You can see like an eagle
23. You are a much better cook than I am!
24. You'll eat whatever is left on my plate
25. You spoil me when it comes to Birthdays and Christmas
26. We say the same thing at the same time sometimes! ... We must be married!
27. You're my Robbily Bobbily FOREVER!

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Poe said...

Happy {belated} Birthday Robbie! It was so fun to see your fam last week and to meet your beautiful princess! It's been fun looking through you blog and "catching up"! Keep in touch!