Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A day for Halloween

We spent the day yesterday walking around Gardner Village checking out the witches...Robbie had never actually been to Gardner Village so it was a new experience for him. It was pretty packed with the kiddos being out of school for UEA, but we made the rounds. Robbie was a good sport as I stopped and poked my head in and out of all the little boutiques...I think there was one other dad besides Robbie walking around!

This one is for you Taylor

Later in the evening we carved up some pumpkins! The smell of carving pumpkins reminds me of going with the neighbor kids to the Fassler's house for their annual Halloween party! We'd play pin the nose on the witch, stick our hands into a big pot of guts looking for a certain body part, eat lots of goodies, and end it all with carving pumkins. Those were fun times and fun memories!!!


Ali Flegal said...

For as long as I've known you, you have had PERFECT hair. What is your secret?! I am glad you're enjoying Halloween - great looking pumpkins too!

Brooklyn said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhh my gosh! what the random?! how are you? i'm fabulous and sooo glad you found my blog! i can't believe you have a freaking baby girl?! she's adorable!!!! oh my, i'll definitely add you to my bloggin buddies and keep in touch!

Siggy said...

You are so cute! We really need to catch up! So funny that you mentioned Citris Grill...I made my friends go the other night because I am tired of Applebees and all that junk...It was fabulous! I love your baby...she is darling!