Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Go Wolverines!

Last night we headed down to the "happy valley" to watch my brother-in-law Jordan play some Bball @ UVSC. Taryn had fallen asleep on the way there and the roaring crowd took her way off guard, but she warmed up and had fun watching the commotion.

Carrie, Nonnie, Margo, Tarbug, and Brookie

My favorite pary of this picture is the dude behind Robbie pickin his face - ha

Jordan making a free throw - he also made a sweet dunk, but our camera would have been way too slow for that one!

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Ali Flegal said...

Goodness, gracious... I love the photos of Taryn in her pink hat and with her dollie. She looks just like you in those photos. Her eyes are beautiful.