Friday, November 2, 2007


Let me begin by saying there is nothing more annoying than losing one of your child's binki's, hair bows, and last but not least...socks. You know it's bound to happen, and yet when it does it still drives you nuts! Last week I was out to dinner for a girls night out get-a-way and I brought Taryn along. Of course I had her all dolled up with a cute outfit with a coordinating pink bow, some pink socks, a bling bling bracelet, (and binki for that matter except her dad wanted to see if he could bite hard enough to make a hole in her ONLY pink one! - and he succeeded) Anyway...we had a great time eating and chatting away at Citris Grill - if you have not been I highly recomend it! Everything is yummalicious! Taryn was being great just looking around at the new setting but after an hour or so got bored and started fussing so I stood up with her not ready to leave my gal pals quite yet and did the mommy and baby dance...bouncy bounce, sway side to side, shhh're just fine. We finally went our separate ways and when I pulled Taryn out of her car seat once we got home...dun dun dun...only one sock remained on her cute little feet. Urg! Would it be super lame of me to call up Citrus grill and ask them to look for a tiny pink sock and keep it standing by for would cost me more in gas to go get it than it would to just buy a new pair!! So I get over the annoyance of losing her first sock (which I'm surprised it took so long to happen...unfortunately I think she got her Dad's feet so she probably needed the 6-12 mo. size anyway rather than the 0-6...) So fast forward to today...sorry Taryn, you only had white, purple, and green socks to get you through the week! At least, those are the only colors I have that will fit her feet! We made a stop at Target and I had get pink socks on my I try on the 6-12 mo. size, even though I probably should have just bought them before trying them on because I had to rip the little annoying plastic string thing that you can never find the other end to after you pull it apart basically making it "used" so no one else would want to buy it because it's already been "opened" but they fit, so it was ok and I put them in the top part of the cart next to Taryn's car seat. After strolling the isles for anything else I just couldn't live without...who can go to Target and buy one item less than $2? We head for the check-out line and I stick everything on the moving counter and pay for my items...then as I'm getting out the doors I notice the socks that slid under the car seat that I didn't pay for - WWJD?? Being the wonderful honest best example of a mom person I am, I go back to the cashier and inform her of this little mishap and she gladly rings my up. We then go about our day as usual, then when we get home I bring the Target bags in the house but leave one with a few random things in it (including socks) sitting on the table. Fast forward again to 8:30 tonight, I'm tidying up the house and pull my random buys out of the bag and say look hun (Robbie) I got Taryn some pink soc....ks! What there is only ONE! Check the bag, the other one has to be in there!! Dun Dun DUN...why me? Why me pink socks? Do you want me to go crazy? If I hadn't ripped the STUPID plastic tag thingy, I would have two beautiful comfy right size socks to put on my babies adorable little toes, but no, like any noble sock, it had to disappear! Probably found by a little kid roaming the isles of Target with his mom who obeyed the common courtesy rules of not ripping the little annoying plastic thingy. Maybe one of these days I will be blessed for being honest by paying full price for my almost two socks and walk out of the store really with two in my hand...but for now it's back to white, purple, and green.


Anonymous said...

Hey Shawna! Long time no see. How are you? We have a blog too. I hope you don't mind that I added you on it.

Ali Flegal said...

The "baby dance" explanation had me nodding my head and giggling. I totally feel your frustration. However, I've moved onto bigger things. I lost a pair of Eliza's Dora shoes. I loved everything about these shoes. A week after their disappearance, I went and bought an identical pair. Last night, I found the first missing pair under my couch. GOOD GRIEF! Who knew so much emotion could be evoked by a pink sock. Good luck!