Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I love little girls...

My good friend Kim has a little girl, Ava, who is 2 and she absolutely LOVES Taryn. Kim said she is constantly asking, "Where baby Taryn?" If they ever go shopping or to the mall Ava says, "Where Shawna and baby Taryn?" She wants to give Taryn her full attention by making sure her blanket is on her, that her binki is in her mouth, and she is happy at all times. Kim is expecting their 2nd this May...for Ava's sake I hope it's a little girl! Ava loves babies and everything about them, I think it is so cute how little girls are automatically programmed to love babies and nurture them. It's so sweet!

Unfortunately my camera died after this picture and I only got one, but Ava was kissing Taryn's cheeks and making her laugh, it was so funny!

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