Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I'm an addict

Ok, so I've joined the crowd and became an addict to the Twilight series. I would have finished all three books in three days but I have a little person who only gives me a couple hours a day to read...so I'd stay up WAY to late until my eyes could not stay open any longer... falling deeper and deeper into the life of Bella and Edward. The only other books I have gotten this addicted to are Harry Potter so that says a lot for Stephenie Meyer (the author) she really has a talent! Poor Robbie was awaken to me gasping, sighing, laughing, and crying! I'm bummed that I have to wait until May for the fourth book to be here! I checked out the website and they are making a Twilight movie...the author doesn't get a say in who the actors will be, but if she did she said these are some of her favorites.....

Henry Cavill as Edward - I set this as my background on our computer and Robbie thought I had lost my mind

Emily Browning from the show Lemony Snicket's as Bella

Rachel Leigh Cook as Alice - I say perfect

Charlie Hunnam as Carlisle

Tyler Posey as Jacob


Brooklyn said...

i'm so glad you got on the bandwagon with twilight! they are soooo good! i can't believe i'd ever fall in love with a vampire:)

Anonymous said...

I'm telling you this is the best! I love it. I was so obsessed with this book that I told Tony to get a silver Volvo but he said no. I was way skeptical about reading this but was very pleased. Tony thinks I'm crazy.

JamieD said...

shawna- I love that you got sucked into these books too. I thought #4 came out in March and now you tell me May... I can't wait that extra 2 months. Just out of curiosity did you find it even slightly annoying that Stephanie Meyer couldn't find just a few more adjectives to describe Edward's looks? Honestly reading over and over about his cool marble hands etc kinda got annoying. Sorry my comment turned into a novel. But I totally agree that Rachel Leigh Cook as Alice is perfect.