Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Meet the newest member of our family.......Lexie! She is 2 years old and is such a wonderful doggy! We have had so much fun with her, especially Taryn! You'd think the size difference would intimidate her, but NO...she loves to follow her around, give her toys, pull her tail, play tug-o-war, lift up her lips to see what's really hiding under there, and play play play! It's been a great form of entertainment! Robbie's friend from work and his family have had Lexie for two years, but just recently found out their son was allergic to her. I know they are very sad they had to find her a new home, but I want them to know she is being well taken care of and very much loved! We are so impressed with how obedient and easy going she is. She's so chill...just lays around all day, really living the hard life. I hope the Dorenbosch family knows they are MORE than WELCOME to visit Lexie whenever they want!

checking out the bling

Showing Lexie how important it is to have some good firm hairspray.


D-Crew said...

Shawna, you are a doll! I am so happy that she is making you happy as well!! The other night Spence was crying his little heart out for Lexie. The boys decided they would make cards for her because they miss her. When I walked out of the room Spence said to Trev,"I want you to write mine to say Spencer wants Lexie back." Many more tears have come but it brings so much comfort to see her happy! We have to do what's best and that isn't always the easiest thing! Thanks again for loving her and letting us check her out! You are awesome!!
PS-I found a street called Taryn Lane or street. Either way...we thought of you guys when we saw it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Shawna,

Lexie reminds me of Rusty but her legs are longer than his! I am so glad that she is well trained and behaved so she won't harm Taryn at all. I know that Taryn will have fun playing with Lexie when she is bored!

I love you soooooooooooo much!
Love, Aunt Liz :)

Scott and Natalie said...

Yay! a doggy! I love having a dog! She is beautiful too!


Cameron is married to my cousin. I just hung out with them on sunday. What a small world. Don't worry about the stalker thing. I have totally don't that before.... but I didn't find mine through a friend.... so maybe I am the stalker????


Done that!! Sorry

Meredith said...

What a cool dog! It's fun to see kids and dogs getting along, isn't it? It looks like you've taught Taryn the value of good hair products early.

Nick and Lexie said...

I'm offended by your dogs name!

Nick and Lexie said...

Hahaha. Those remind me of a few nicknames my sisters gave me when I was little. I was traumatized and went through a phase where I wanted to change my name.

I was friends with a guy a few years ago whose dog's name was Lexie. And he would always talk to me in a doggy voice. So I'm used to do the dog thing :) I just thought I'd give you a hard time! I'm jealous you have a dog. Nick's a weirdo and hates animals.