Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Our Labor Day weekend

This past weekend we headed up to The Homestead to spend time with family. I am so grateful for my family and the love and friendship we share. It is such a blessing to have them so close and always happy to see us and Taryn. We have made many memories over the years when visiting Midway. I remember my Grandma always making the granddaughters little robes to wear as we skipped over to the pool, feeling excited to explore the Homestead grounds (there always seemed to be something new we never had noticed before), running into our room to be the first to have a bite of the homemade fudge, always receiving a can of peanuts and some soda from my grandpa, eating at Pizza Hut, walking around the crowded booths at Swiss Days, having the chicken pox, lounging on the comfy beds, riding bikes and scooters around the sidewalks, listening to the different bands play in the evening, and best of all just sitting on the porch visiting and making memories.

Thank you so very much Grandpa and Grandma for spoiling us with our many visits to The Homestead!

We Love You!

The Parade

She LOVES cheerleaders, she'd scream at them as they walked by.

Taryn called every horse "Auggie, Auggie!" (my parents dog)


Watching mama's favorite show of all time,
"The Sound of Music!"
and this was at my favorite part! "you are 16 going on 17..."

Riding and exploring

riding on aunt Amy's scooter

Thanks for the fun weekend!!


Jeanette said...

Yeah, I rock! I love your blog, it's so dang cute! I love the Diet coke thing, it speaks straight to my heart (like hello, I can't even get my freakin hair cute without it!!) So I love my hair, thanks again!!!

Dave and Lacey said...

I came across your blog and it was so fun to see. Taryn is darling. I hope you don't mind if I add you to my blog.
- Lacey