Monday, September 22, 2008

RAW... RAW ...RAW!

Amy and the girls...go Bulldogs!

Taryn is obsessed with cheerleaders. She get's OVERLY EXCITED when she sees them. I wish I would have recorded her at the Olympus game last weekend. I took her down right next to the girls and she was going bonkers...spinning in circles, clapping, stomping her feet...basically the entire crowd was laughing because of her. And the cheerleaders loved it, they let her hold a pom pom and she joined them like she was born to do a high kick. I guess I know what to dress her up like for Halloween!

Today we went to the Olympus Jr. volleyball game and watched Amy cheer. So this time I got a video of Taryn after the game doing her thang... Funny stuff I tell ya.

And here's another one of my " shorty gettin' low" at the Oly game.


Brett and Lisa said...

So um... whenever you leave a comment, the pic is of you and amy. Then you do a post on amy..Secretly I feel left out. I think the days of Lisa not being in ANY family videos is coming back.. Dad: Tell Lisa to move out of the way. Mom: Lisa move out of the way! Say mom, say dad, say shawna, say taylor, say amy. COOL! Where's Lisa? I don't know.. somewhere playing cause I have a really cool imagination and I really loved trees ok?

Carrie Ross said...

Taryn is so cute! She is totally going to be a cheerleader! I miss her so much!

D-Crew said...

You guys...She is so adorable! I love the videos!! LOL Taryn is a doll!