Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Good Eye

As you know from my last post, one of my plans today (the only one that I actually accomplished) was watching American Idol. Hollywood week is pretty intense! I thought the guys were great, especially that dueling piano's dude...anyway, we were waiting for the suspense to end as the contestants awaited their fate from Paula, Randi, and Kara in the 4 different holding rooms. Robbie noticed a girl who looked familiar. Lucky for us we have the ultimate tv watching tool - DVR - and could rewind and replay all we wanted. This girl did look familiar, hmmm they haven't even shown a little bit of her singing yet... how do I know her... then I figured it out.
It's Jenn from Hi-5!
Ok, let me explain,
Hi-5 is a show on Discovery Kids that Taryn has become a little obsessed with. It is the ONLY show on tv that she will actually watch from beginning to end. Another wonderful feature we have is Comcast "On Demand" and Hi-5 always has a few episodes to choose from. These songs just about kill Robbie every morning as he has the pleasure of watching along with Taryn. Back to my point...after seeing this look-a-like Jenn a few more times, we still were not positive that it was her. I was determined to find out... thank you google (and super duper high speed internet provided by Comcast) I found Jenn's website and there was a blog/journal entry from 3 days ago that mentioned her golden ticket getting her into Hollywood week on American Idol. Ha! I was right after all! So maybe you'll notice her tomorrow night...she's actually a really good singer and in all honesty I would love to have her job. It used to be one of my childhood dreams to be a star on Barney. Go ahead and laugh, but what else would a girl want...singing and dancing all day long.

Good luck Jenn...Taryn, Robbie, and I will be rooting you on. ;)


Cathy said...

Emma loves Hi-5, too, but we never catch it on. I'm going to have to tell my friend about American Idol, she and her daughter are crazy about Jenn.

Lindsey said...

That is too funny - I know exactly who you are talking about! I will have to watch for her tonight!

Anonymous said...

Hi Shawna,

My old best friend, Penny Eardley from my high school has a nephew whose ex-wife named Megan Corkrey is on American Idol too. She is a singer. She got divorced recently so that's very sad for Penny. She loves her very much. Watch for Megan Corkrey. I haven't watched AL yet since this season started. I will watch it if Megan stays on AL. I will watch for Jenn too. :)

ILY! Love, Aunt Liz

Erin said...

You couldn't be on Barney without me!! Remember when we really were going to try and get on? Oh man, I still remember some of those dances. Wonder what Michael and Tina are doing today!