Monday, February 9, 2009

Through the years

20 Years Ago…
1. I was 4 and 1/2
2. Had a baby sister that was almost one.
3. Was in "Mr." Anderson's preschool class (it really was a Mrs. but I called her Mr.)

10 Years Ago…
1. I was fourteen and in 9th grade.
2. I still didn't care much about boys and was going through a hard stage with friends
3. I started working at Meier's Deli that summer and started to come out of my shell.

5 years ago…

1. I was 4 months away from my one year anniversary married to Robbie
2. My days consisted of going to Cosmetology school and working at Working Rx.
3. I think that year we went to the Spaghetti Factory for dinner on Valentines and they accidentally spiked Robbie's drink.

3 years ago…
1. I was working at Elementz doing hair while Robbie was getting ready to graduate.
2. Discussions of adding a baby to the mix were on the rise.
3. Enjoyed the last few months of my pre-pregnant body ;)

1 year ago…
1. I had a 91/2 month old who still wasn't "crawling" or even interested in walking.
2. We had lived in our new house for 1 month.
3. Started working back at Salon Heatherwood.

This year so far…
1. Joined a new gym and started working out again.
2. Spend my days being a mommy and nights watching too much DVR'd TV.
3. In the process of planning a much needed vacay to celebrate 6 years of marriage and a 2 year old B-day!

1. Skipped church (Stake Conference with an almost 2 year old...ya not happenin.)
2. Ate doughnuts and watched random movies
3. Had dinner at my parents house with all the family.

1. So far I've worked my morning shift from home, only got 5 sales.
2. Still trying to decide what to do in this blahish weather.
3. Catching up on blogs, blogs, and more blogs.

1. Clean up the house...the wood floors need some attention.
2. I'll probably meet Kim at the gym and do whatever she tells me.
3. Watch American Idol!

Next Year…
1. Add a little playmate for Taryn ;)
2. Maybe looking or living in a new house
3. Enjoying life as a mommy and wifey.


Lizzy said...

I love this! I think I'm gonna have to copy!

Jeanette said...

i love this post, how great is that! I am so lame-o, I can't even remember half the stuff from years ago. I think I'll try to copy you, but it'll take some thinking. I love your post, though!!

Katherine said...

p.s. there's lots of homes for sale over here....we'd love to have you back!

Matt & Amber said...

I love your cute pics of Taryn in her sunday dress... i love dressing up Brooklyn for church. It is always fun to see her in something really cute and frilly. I wish i could go to the temple open house... it sounds like you had an amazing time there. it is fun that Taryn could go with you!

Cathy said...

Shawna, I'm so happy I found your blog! I found it through your Mom's comment on Melanie's blog. My blog is private, so send me your email address!
Love your short hair and your family is darling!!

Abe and Lisa Johnson said...

When Nat was here she told me that you guys had blogs so i had to find them... so fun! I love your "Through the years" so funny.. weren't we friends in 9th grade ;)