Tuesday, February 24, 2009

sick of being SICK!

So the weekend of valentines I stayed at my parents house Friday night while they were out of town. Taylor was going to the Valentines dance and Amy didn't want to be all alone, especially because she was feeling sick. Well, the next day I was the one feeling sick and am STILL feeling sick and am SICK of it!

Amy's virus has moved on, and even Robbie got it and his has passed too! Well what the heck, why am I still a victim??? I even went to the doc last week almost hoping for a positive strep test or something like that to confirm the fact that I feel like crap (like my rhyming?) But no, just a virus that should clear up on it's own. In the meantime I get to cough up my lungs, blow my nose until it's raw, rub my itchy watery eyes, and wait this thing out.

I'm officially DONE with winter.

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The Mcclellan Family said...

It was 58 degrees at my house today, so it's getting better, eh? Take your vitamins Shawna, young moms need them to survive and keep from getting sick darlin. Hope you get better soon!