Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Capturing the moment

Tenley - 18 months

I just looked back on this and can't believe how fast time has gone since Taryn was this age.
Taryn and Tenley are such different girls. It's pretty funny how opposite they actually are.

This little girl loves to make us laugh. I am seriously considering recording dinner time, and all the laughs we have. Tenley has this silly trick where she sticks her fingers into her eyes, like literally shoves them into her eye sockets and just sits there until we all crack up. She looks like a crazy harry potter creature or something when she does it.

Tenley loves food and if she's being a whiner, giving her a snack is an easy solution.
Her favorite foods right now are just about everything. She has this weird obsession with begging me to open the pantry and picking out a lifesaver wintergreen mint. She LOVES those. I usually chomp it up so it's not so choke-able, then feed it to her like a mama bird feeds her babies. Pretty sick, but it's her fav.

Anything Taryn is doing Tenley will follow. I can usually count to 5 before there is some screaming involved. Let's just say Taryn likes her "things" the way they are.... and Tenley likes to destroy whatever things Taryn is playing with at the moment. It's an on going battle at our house... but we somehow make it work.

Tenley could care less about TV... still. I know that's a good thing, but really I would love to have both my girls sit together and watch a little show while I get some stuff done without someone on my heel. hahaha. Tenley loves to be on my heels, she would be glued to me if it were possible.

Her hair is growing like a wild weed. I love it, so different from Taryn's little sprouty hair. I've decided bangs are her thing. They fit her personality like a glove. My blonde, bang, piggy tail girl. Right now my favorite do on her is little piggy knots. One of these days I'll get her to hold still long enough to get a good shot.

She loves to be outside. Playing in the backyard, coloring with chalk, and sitting on her favorite little chairs. (pictured above) She cries every time I open and close the backdoor to let Lexi out and she's not going along with her.

Lucky for me she still loves a good snuggle. She will nuzzle right into my shoulder and in that moment, the world is perfect... for both of us.

She doesn't really care for talking. The one thing she says repeatedly is, "what's that??" I'm always answering to, "what's that?" - an airplane, a sign, a light, the toaster, a guy... hahaha... it never ends. The other words she knows are Mama, Dada, Daya (Taryn), uh-oh, and Lisa.
Yup, she knows Lisa!

We are really working on saying or signing please and thank you. Most of the time Tenley just screeches at me to get whatever she wants. Even Taryn knows Tenley has to sign please (rubbing her chest) before we give in. She usually does the sign for more, and she will find the baby signing time DVD and bring it to me, then rock her arms back and forth like she's rocking a baby. Even if I turn the show on, she never actually watches it. I guess she's picking up a few things though! Still doesn't compare to how obsessed Taryn was with those shows.

She loves nursery and so far hasn't been sad when we drop her off. I think she just looks around the whole time thinking, ok so what am I suppose to do now? She does love snack time the most.

I can't believe turning 2 is just around the corner. I wish time could stand still!! I really love the ages my kids are right now. I know as time goes on life is only going to get busier and more challenging... so I'm trying my best everyday to really enjoy it all, small and simple while it lasts.

I love you Tenley Jane!
Every little piece of you!


ericksonslc said...

Shawna this is adorable and that picture is to die for! She is so darling I can't stand it. I want to come over and hug her right now!! Great post!!!

KWit said...

She is SO ADORABLE and totally steals my heart!!! Such a sweet post to capture her spunk and sweetness!!! said...